Fun and educational? Maybe a mix of both? Determining how you want to portray your brand and developing a brand voice can help you create content that is unique to your business. This brand personality can help you connect with your target buyers and show them what makes your business special. One of the best ways to show this personality is through the marketing content that you create. If this isn’t enough to show you why is content marketing important, consider the role that content plays in helping you develop a brand personality and voice. Beyond just the type of content that you produce, you can also set yourself apart from the competition. And that is through your content’s language and the way that you present your information. Is your brand personality serious and professional?

Here’s where content marketing comes in throughout the marketing funnel: Top-of-Funnel (TOFU): At the top of the funnel, your prospective customers are just starting to become aware of their problems. They are also starting to become aware that there are solutions available. Content is important during each step of the marketing funnel. Now let’s think about the importance of content marketing when it comes to your marketing funnel. There are three major areas of your marketing funnel that you need to think about while you’re developing your digital marketing campaigns. And content marketing plays a role during each stage of the funnel.

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During this stage, content can help educate them and get them the information they need to decide which type of solution might help. Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU): At the middle of the funnel, leads are evaluating their options for products Venezuela phone number or solutions. Content during this stage of the funnel is meant to educate leads on what their different options are. This will allow them to start narrowing their choices and come closer to a final purchasing decision. Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU): Once leads reach the bottom of the funnel, this means that they are ready to convert. Content during this stage is meant to give a final nudge of encouragement to the buyer and empower them to make an informed purchasing decision.

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At each stage, be aware of what each lead needs at this point in their buyer’s journey. Prospects at the top of the funnel need more general information that helps them better understand their challenges and potential solutions. Leads who reach the middle of the funnel need more detailed information that encourages them to evaluate their options. While leads at the bottom of the funnel need content with specific details about your unique offer to help them make an educated purchasing decision. To get a better understanding of content in each stage of the funnel. Take a look at this graphic: smart content lifecycle. Here you can see how content marketing plays a role through every stage. The marketing funnel as well as which types of content work best to top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel leads. When creating content marketing to reach potential customers.

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Most small businesses have more than one tool in their digital marketing toolbox. From email marketing to social media to PPC ads, there are many different tactics that you can use to attract and engage your ideal audience. Do you want to know what all of these strategies have in common? Great content! Your business needs to create engaging, high-quality content as part of any tactic that you employ in your digital marketing campaigns. Content helps support nearly every other digital marketing strategy. Yet another importance of content marketing is that consistent, quality content helps support every other part of your digital marketing strategy.

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