but to choose from the list, which is not exactly Sweden Email List clear. In some cases, such as choosing a person with children , it is very precise, as you can see in the image: detailed segmentation to optimize campaign on Facebook and Instagram But if you want to look for people who are interested in the products you sell, things can get very complicated and you will have to look for interests by approximation or similarity. Imagine that you are looking for people with a medium-high purchasing power. Something that is very normal. Well, this segmentation is only available to the public in the United States, but not in Spain: Purchasing power targeting Facebook and Instagram campaigns How do I reach that audience in Spain?

You are obsessed with the profitability of each individual campaign

I have to look at buying interests. People with high purchasing power will have expensive hobbies, they will like to travel a lot, they will be fans of brands and luxury goods… I can find that (not all, but part of it) in the list of predefined interests. e) For nothing in the world create a set of ads for Instagram and Facebook, or the algorithm will do its thing If you want your Christmas campaign on Instagram and Facebook Ads to come to fruition, create a set just for Facebook and another just for Instagram, even if the ads are the same. Why? Well, because the click-through rate (that is, the CTR) is usually higher on Facebook than on Instagram.

Sweden Email List

If both ad placements are in the same set, the algorithm will tend to favor Facebook when it comes to displaying your ads, and that’s not what you want. Again, they trick us by recommending automatic placements. Don’t fall for it. Select manual placements and choose in which parts of each network the ad will appear. Automatic placements Christmas campaign Facebook and Instagram Ads Choose manual locations and again Facebook brings us a bunch of default locations and tells us that the more the merrier. Better for Facebook, but what you are interested in is not getting a lot of clicks, but not wasting money on useless clicks. So now you know, set up one set for Facebook only and one for Instagram only.

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