Thus it is important to choose the right kind of color scheme that will create the right kind of reactions from your audience. Bonus Tip!: Since your social media designs are only going to be displayed on screen make sure the color is always set to RGB, no CMYK colors! 3. Text graphic design text Not to be confused with typography (which we will get into next). Text is a sequence of words whereas typography is the visual component of the written word. For non-designers, you can find the exact color of an image using any color picker tool, which will give you a six-digit code that identifies an exact color on the color wheel. Color plays a major role in the final output of your overall social media graphic design. As mentioned earlier color affects a person’s psychology, emotions, and reactions to a design.

However, when creating social media graphic designs you want to stray from overcrowding an image. We know words are powerful and some good graphic design tips to keep in mind is that too many words on an image can appear busy to your potential audience (See below). The last thing you want is for your audience to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are creating a graphic for Instagram or Facebook, try to limit your text to one to two liners. Now that we have that explained let us get into why the text is important. As an owner, we know that this brand is like your baby. You want to show it off and tell everyone about it. You might even feel as though you have to use every word you can to explain your brand and why it’s so great.

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Keep that in mind when choosing your font size. The readability of the text largely depends on the color as well as the size. They can also be used as a separator for each element found in an image. Doing so will create a sense of coordination Mexico phone number in your design. graphic design tips The point of social media graphics is to deliver your message as simply as you can. One of the most overlooked good graphic design tips is to make sure your text is easy to read. More than likely a large share of your content will be consumed on a mobile device. You see, these lines will help create an order in the overall image. You can use these lines by incorporating them around blocks of text.


Like your color palette, picking a font should reflect your brand’s personality. Don’t go overboard – you only need two to three fonts max. Any more than that and your audience may get distracted and your message will get lost. And they won’t have a font to remember you by. You want your customers to be able to see a graphic and know it’s yours even if your logo isn’t on it. Going back to color, It is good to use a light-colored font with a dark background and vice versa. It is best to use contrast to make the text stand out but we will cover that later on. 4. Typography It’s obvious that typography is an art in itself. Selecting the perfect font to get aligned with the images can be tough, but when done right it can bring your graphics to life!

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So as a marketer, you need to choose wisely when picking the right font as it will deliver your tone. Some graphic design tips to keep in mind when using fonts: Serif fonts are best for print Sans serif is bet for web When deciding on more than one font, pair fonts with high contrast. The fonts will balance each other out while still creating that extra “POP”! Ensure that you aren’t using too many fonts as the eye finds it hard to scan multiple fonts. When choosing your typeface or font family, you want to make certain that it projects your message and reflects your brand. Your font has an impact on how your design is interpreted and the message your brand sends across. Similar to color, typography can project moods and emotion and is sometimes even more powerful than the copy.

Whether you choose a sans serif or a serif font, make sure that your audience can ultimately read your message. 5. Good contrast graphic design for social media If you haven’t heard of it by now, negative space (also referred to as white space) is a great way to make your image stand out. Contrast attracts the eye and can be applied with font, colors, alignment, size and more. Instead, if you want to create a good design, you should use a typeface or font family that has a selection of versions, such as italic, bold, condensed, etc. A simple font contrast you can include is a font that is a serif and the other that is not. The image below shows the same font in different versions. Arranging fonts to make text legible and more appealing is vital when creating social media content.

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