That Donald Trump is handpicked to oust them from power. Initially confined to the fringes of public debate, its reach into the center. Has recently exploded, bombarding the internet with false information about the COVID- pandemic. US and Trump’s bid for re-election. in November. Facebook has removed QAnon groups, pages and , ads and blocked more. Than hashtags associated with the QAnon movement. Twitter has removed about , accounts. The Bosnian branch regularly echoes its much larger US counterparts. In claiming that COVID- “doesn’t exist”, that parents should resist.

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Forced vaccination” and that the use Country Email List of G mobile technology “will have irreparable consequences for all living creatures on earth. “In an interview with BIRN, Valjevac said that the group blocks “fake profiles that spam our page with false information,” but most of the information posted is regularly deemed false by  fact-checkers. On average, one in ten posts is removed. Valjevac said that Q-ANON Bosnia and Herzegovina has no long-term goals and is currently apolitical. READ: How did the “QAnon” conspiracy theory spread globally?”We are here to see and respond to the poisonous propaganda that drags humanity into wars and violence for centuries in the name of rulers they have never met but shed their blood for he said.

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Q promotes peace, Q is peace. All Email Lead this crazy, fast-paced world needs is for people to get off their cell phones, TVs, and themselves. Believe me, they would find many illogical things in the world. “Q-ANON Bosnia and Herzegovina finds COVID- illogical, calling it a “show” behind which a “battle between good and evil” is taking place. Likewise, according to this group, George Floyd, the African-American man who died in Minneapolis after a police officer kept his knee on his neck for nearly eight minutes, sparking protests across the US.

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