Language when making requests .And responses to each other over the internet. It’s essentially the translator between .You and the internet – it reads your site’s request, reads the code sent back from .The server and translates it into a web site. What is coding? Coding refers. Belize Phone Number  To writing code for servers and applications. It is called a “Language” because it. Consists of vocabulary and grammar. Rules for communicating with computers. It also includes special commands, abbreviations and . Belize Phone Number  Punctuation that can only be read by devices and programs. In a sense, developers are also translators. All software is written in. At least one coding language, but varies by platform. Operating system, and style. There are many different types .Of coding languages ​​that fall into two c.Ategories (written by two different types. Of programmers) – front.

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End and backend. What is the front-end? An. Interface (or client side) is the side of a website or software with which you view and interact as an internet user. When site information is. Transferred from a server to a browser. Front-end encoding .Languages ​​allow the site to function. Belize Phone Number  Without having to constantly “Communicate” with the internet. Ui allows users like you. And me to interact with a site and play videos, extend .Or minimize images, highlight text, and more. Web developers Belize Phone Number working on front-end coding are working on client development. What is a backend? Backend is the side you do not see when using the internet. It is the digital. Infrastructure and to non-programmers.It looks like a series of numbers.Letters and symbols.

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There are more backend encoding languages. ​​than front-end languages. This is because browsers – at the front – only understand javascript, but a server – at the backend – can be. Configured to understand (almost) any language. What is a content management. System? A content management system (cms) is a web .Application or set of programs used to create and .Manage web content. Belize Phone Number  (note: cmss are not the same as webmasters like squarespace or wix.) although not Belize Phone Number  required to. Create a website, using a cms is definitely easier. Provides building blocks (such as themes and add-ons) and lets you. Create the structure you want. Cmss are commonly used for e-commerce. And blogging, but are useful for all types of websites.

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