Here’s some high level data to start with: Businesses that publish regular content receive 8x more traffic Blogging helps reduce overall marketing spend by more than 60% Blogging helps in achieving 3x more leads 11 Benefits of Blogging as Experienced First Hand with Business Owners Show that you are an expert in your industry SEO Collect Emails Demand Generation Lead Conversions Get Exposure & Visibility Build Your Network with Influencer Marketing Generate Backlinks Feedback Stay Ahead of the Competition Show that you are an expert in your industry Benefit: Trust How your blog looks and the way you write can be made to suit your personality or your brand voice.

These things will help your blog to stand out from the rest. And through this, your readers will be able to develop a deeper bond with you. It makes you a transparent brand that they would love to deal with. Also, blogging is a great way for businesses to share knowledge with their customers about the industry or other relevant interest areas. Successful companies consistently publish blog articles to assert their authority as industry leader and subject matter expert. It helps consumers build trust and confidence in your brand. A user who reads your blog often naturally has a relationship with you and trusts you. This is part of the inbound strategy we mentioned earlier with Gillette.

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First, you build trust with customers before trying to sell them on your products/services. Industry Example: Airbnb benefits of blogging The above image is from Airbnb’s Belong Anywhere blog page. It connects readers with guest experiences and destination Uganda phone number  reviews. When you think of budget vacations, you would never miss out on checking out Airbnb first. Have you ever wondered what makes innovative startups like Uber & Airbnb industry leaders and thought provokers? It is things like blogging that make the top of mind when customers are planning their vacations. Create Value for your customers Benefit: Add value to the overall customer experience People don’t follow overly salesy brands.

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What’s there to follow? There are not interesting stories from a bunch of sales posts. The most important benefit of blogging is to create value for your customers. You want to provide a better customer experience than your competitors. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Blogging without thinking about adding value to customer experience is like going on a trek without shoes on. It’s pointless because you are going to get hurt. With blogging, you’re giving your customers something for free before they make a purchase. In hopes that free information will lead them in choosing to make a purchase on their own. Some things you could share would be a helpful checklist, ideas, recipes and so on. The more your potential customers can get from you for free, the more loyal they will be when they become customers.

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Educating first before selling is always a good tactic! Industry Example: Etsy Marketplace Etsy is a marketplace for creative goods. It’s an e-commerce based business like Amazon but for craft decorative products like handcrafted candles, homemade decor, etc. From a business point of view, they bridge the gap between sellers and users. But what makes it so big and recognizable? The fact that users rely on them for their creative needs & ideas. Much can be attributed to their inbound strategy – which is their blog, Etsy Journal. blog by etsy This blog consists of articles, checklists, and ideas that don’t promote their products directly but instead give out ideas and inspire users.

They aim to add value to their users who, in turn, trust the brand to meet their creative needs. SEO Search engine optimization is more than just ranking. It is a long-term tactic to make your business visible above your competition in search engine results. There are a couple of ways to do that. One of the ways is to write blog posts around keywords that your customers search for. This is a great way to make sure you’re publishing relevant content. And when the search engine algorithms come crawling, they find your blog to have used the popular keyword multiple times. Due to its relevance, they determine to rank your business higher on the search results page. There is a lot of on-page and off-page optimization that goes into this but this is one of the big benefits of blogging for business owners.

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