The worldwide web has revolutionized the way business owners think about advertising. Not just in terms of broadcast media and publications. It has changed the way consumers actually consume media. This age of online marketing, these businesses are likely missing out on more customers and sales. Spoiler alert! – 55% out of the ones that do, use it as their #1 inbound marketing strategy and say they have benefited from it. blogging for business owners A blog is a compilation of thoughts, facts, and expert opinions relating to… …the business, industry or its audience. It is a written piece of information that lives online and can be accessed by… …anyone who visits that company’s website.

This, in our opinion, is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. The change in how companies do business. But there are 11 other amazing benefits of blogging that we wanted to share with you. And we think as a smart business owner you should know these when it comes to blogging for your customers. By opening different avenues for information gathering, has made companies rethink and often… …reconfigure their inbound marketing strategy. Many companies now practice a strategy where consumers come to them for information rather than them pushing sales via… …outbound strategies to spread awareness about their products.

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The dot-com boom changed a lot for business owners. And above all how they promote their business to capture shoppers who would flock into stores. Today advertisers rely on something much more adaptive that creates value. Though the scope of online Vietnam phone number advertising is huge, we’re going to focus on the topic of blogging and… …what benefits it brings to business owners like yourself. Blogging for Business Owners As a business owner, if you find yourself a little clueless about what exactly is blogging let alone the benefits of blogging, there’s nothing to fear. You are at the right place! 43% of business owners say they don’t know what blogging is or don’t actively blog for their business.

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They strayed away from outbound strategies and started adopting inbound techniques like blogging that… …create value for their customer base and helps sell their products in a non-salesy way.  This holds true not only for big corporations but for small businesses too. The benefits of blogging are across the board and can positively impact all businesses of all sizes. modern blogging As seen in the example above, gone are the days when the only way to influence a shopper was by seeking out a print ad in a local newspaper. Or announcing a new product on prime time television hoping that your target audience would see and act on your advertisement.

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Today we want to expand on the benefits of blogging to business owners to show you just why you should have a blog if you don’t already. And if you do, then we’ve got some tips for you to help you see more benefits from your blogging efforts.  The best example that comes to mind is Gillette’s transition from promoting its razors via local newspaper inserts on… …weekends to a convincing lifestyle blog that gives tips about shaving. blogging for business The brand understood early on that outbound advertising was becoming passé. The time had come to assert themselves as an industry leader when people think about shaving.

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