In the last week, in addition to Iceland Email Address the new tool integrations, the Meta family social network has also launched a new incentive program for its creators . This as a strategy to encourage the use of its reel platform Iceland Email Address before that of the TikTok platform. The Reels Play bonus program is still in an early phase and only available to creators within the United States. Now, incentive programs are normal for social networks Iceland Email Address today, due to the large number of content creators and influences who make life on their platforms, where they also monetize their publications in order to make a living from it. Although what is Iceland Email Address remarkable in this case is that the Reels Play program offers very large bonuses to creators.

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As we see in the following Iceland Email Address tweet from content creator Miguel Loadable, his compensation offer was $ 8,500 (€ 7,420). Apart from the great display demands, with amounts like the one we have just seen Iceland Email Address, this incentive program is really attractive. Even so, the creators have doubts and reservations about the program, especially since the variation of quantities for each creator is very wide. And also, there is no transparency as to how the remuneration offered is managed. In this way, there are cases in which profiles with fewer followers Iceland Email Address present a greater reward compared to others with Iceland Email Address a greater community. Finally, Instagram has also announced a new incentive program called Reels Surprise.

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If you are a marketer , surely you like to be up to date on all the news related Iceland Email Address to digital marketing. The landscape has completely changed in recent years and the following SEO trends for 2022 will become your allies. Algorithms with artificial intelligence Iceland Email Address Everyone is talking about Rank Brain, Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm that could determine the positioning of a website in the Se Rps (Search Engine Results page) throughout 2022. Although many details about the internal workings of the algorithm have not yet been given, It is estimated that the Iceland Email Address click-through rate and the time a user spends on a website Iceland Email Address will be decisive. For this reason, we recommend paying attention to this algorithm in 2022.

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