Santiago, chile.- it was necessary. Accidents are the order of the day due to the obsession. That forces us to review and respond to whatsapp messages. Anywhere. Stairs, bathrooms, street crossings and of course in the car are the most frequent causes of crashes. Slips and even deaths . For this reason, modification of the traffic law in our country. During 2015 is being studied. The initiative seeks to prevent such accidents and punish those who continue to break the law. More related notes: whatsapp already surpasses the rest of the forms of communication in 40% of italian divorces for adultery. Whatsapp serves as proofwhatsapp addiction, three curious stories. But the truth is that it does not only apply to whatsapp.

But Also to the Use of the Cell Phone While Driving.

Therefore, it will be prohibited to take and publish photographs. Send text messages and make phone calls, unless. The American Samoa B2B List never well. Considered “Hands-free” is used. Although today. Using a cell phone while in motion is considered a serious offense under the national traffic law. And is punishable by nearly usd$100, with the modification proposed by a group of parliamentarians. The offense will become “Very serious”, which will probably. Lead to the temporary suspension of the driver’s license, if the judge hearing the case so determines.

But Also to the Use of the Cell Phone While Driving.

American Samoa B2B List

The project in order to avoid accidents due. To the obvious distraction that handling the phone generates when driving. It is about “Coercively dissuading” the use of devices as a way to achieve results in those who do not believe. In the danger of the practice until something happens to them. Thus, it is expected that there will be a considerable decrease in the number of violators of the traffic law. As happened with the implementation of the “Emilia. Law” or “Zero tolerance” that punishes people who drive under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated. Source: the third subscribe to the premium content of America.

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