Francis affirms that the agencies capable of conceiving extraordinary ideas and carrying out integrated campaigns will come out of the crisis stronger: “Old-school approaches are going to have a very difficult time”, estimates this executive. He believes that Saatchi & Saatchi (S&S) is weathering the storm thanks to the restructuring it has undertaken to become an integrated network and that it “has returned to the high creative level that has always characterized Saatchi & Saatchi”. In the opinion of Borja de la Plaza, Regional Business Director of DDB Latina, who works with Ortiz in this process, “With this change, we have put another gear in the Latin markets in which we operate.The CEO of the agency that coined the term lovemark explains why it’s not size that matters, it’s the brains and culture of the agency.

He points out that the Spanish economy depends too much on tourism and construction. Sectors whose decline has ended up affecting the advertising industry as well.  The CEO of S&S points out that in the coming months the battle for talent will be waged and that agencies that do not find the right brains for the times, will lose importance in the sector in the medium term. Simon Francis considers that 2010 will continue to be difficult, but that the different European economies will experience different times; in his opinion, Germany will recover before Spain, the United Kingdom or Italy.

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Agencies, like advertisers, have to have in their ranks “people from different cultural. Backgrounds and who combine diverse backgrounds. Of experience and work.” Faced with the question that the most prepared people. Instead of an agency, tend to go to a Australia mobile number company in the online sector such as Google, Francis comments. That “we have to ensure that agency employees are once again happy and proud of their work and who gives them work. The advertising industry also has to become a lovemark . Them a solution of good internet,” Fortis said.

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Our philosophy is that the person is the medium. The rest of the media are instruments to initiate conversations and dialogues between people on blogs and social networks». The agency warns that investment is going en masse to the Internet. That many times this migration is caused by a misconception. Since many advertisers go to the network for its low prices. And third, agency pay needs to get back to the level that allows us to fairly pay employees for their good work.” Regarding the future of classic media, Francis points out that «Saatchi & Saatchi does not think of separate channels.

The future of classic media Francis

This allows emotion to be communicated on the same level that television does, in Francis’ opinion. During the first nine months of 2009, the Aegis group has achieved an increase in revenue of 1% year-on-year. However, the market research and media group does not expect any improvement in the second half of the year. Looking at organic growth, taking into account currency fluctuation and acquisitions, revenues are down 10.8%. But the new media still make it possible to create lovemarks , concludes the manager. “The broadband network combines, thanks to online video. The advantages of television with the advantages of print media.

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