The creative work for both global and regional competitions, as well as for the development of pan-European campaigns in current clients. In recent years, the decision-making centers of pharmaceutical companies have moved from national capitals to centers of excellence or headquarters located in large European capitals. In the words of Gloria Gibbons, CEO of Ogilvy Healthworld EMEA and Austral-Asia, one of the objectives of this appointment of Enrique is “to strengthen our creative offer and guarantee success in global competitions”. “Creativity is my passion. That’s how I started in this world and that’s how it seems that I’m going to retire. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it a lot”, commented Enrique Alda.

On the internet people always talk about cheap when cheap is not a business or advertising term. You have to talk about investment or cost but here they always talk about low cost. Things have to be cheap or expensive depending on what they need. The global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts, believes that a payment system should be established for agencies, according to the income generated since he affirms that the ideas are undervalued, as he pointed out in an interview with Expansión . For Roberts, the biggest problem facing advertising agencies. The lowering of creative fees as clients increasingly want more with less.

The position of Marketing

If what you do is adapt your entire conventional campaign to the internet. Cristóbal warned that the user has the ability to close the window and look Uae mobile number  at 1,000 million. Other things and advertisers must know this because it is not possible to pretend that the client. Enters every corner of the web. «From «The man with two brains» one thing that we want to change. Although it sounds commercial, is that people do not worry about adapting a graphic. A banner but that they give us their graphic and from there we will give.

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Carlos has extensive experience in various disciplines of online marketing such. As SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, social media and viral marketing. Prior to joining Relevant Traffic, Carlos held the position of SEO Account Manager. At the Havas Digital group, managing accounts for clients such as Vodafone Spain, Sol Melia or Spanair, among others. He also held the position of Head of Online Marketing and SEO Positioning at Narcea Multimedia. Carlos has extensive experience in the design, development and management. Of web pages and blog networks, being a partner in several successful projects.

Exciting going small agency

Enrique has a degree in chemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA. After developing his career. The area of ​​health and consumer advertising, in the 1990s he created CPA Spain, which was acquired by Healthworld at the end of that decade and finally became part of Ogilvy in 2003. Thirty years of a long and exciting career going from a small agency to the world’s largest health advertising network. Relevant Traffic, pan-European search engine marketing agency, announces the appointment of Carlos Redondo as SEO Consultant of the Swedish multinational in Spain. In his new position, Carlos will be responsible for the design and implementation of SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) for the company’s clients. Reporting directly to Eric Peyrelongue, General Manager of Relevant Traffic in Spain.

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