It has a base of 37.8 million Indian Email List followers on Twitter, this being the social network where its impact is strongest. Xinhua News Agency This is the official news agency of the Chinese government , and it is Indian Email List presented under a renewed image as New China. It is clear that the need for information from users on social networks has been an impetus for the growth of this type of brand in this regard . Since the Indian Email List information on the Internet is very varied and not always reliable, these press and communication brands choose to consolidate their presence in networks to become a solution to this problem. The Xinhua News Agency has 106.2 million followers, its main social network being Indian Email List Facebook with 91.4 million.

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People’s Daily Indian Email List The People’s Daily, or People’s Daily, is a Chinese newspaper published worldwide, and it is also the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. As we have already commented Indian Email List, the large population share with the China account is decisive in the presence of several of its media in the list. Now, with the arrival of this newspaper, the estimate of followers falls below 100 million followers, with an Indian Email List estimated 94.5 million. Of which the vast majority, around 86 million, belong Indian Email List to their strong Facebook community. McDonald’s When thinking about fast food, McDonald’s is one of the first brands to come to mind with its happy meals and some fries.

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So it is to be expected Indian Email List that it has a strong line of followers on its social networks, where we can find from promotions from your burgers to memes, ad campaigns or even illustrations about your brand. McDonald’s has an estimated 92 million followers on social networks, highlighting its Facebook community with 81.3 million Indian Email List. The New York Times Finally, closing the list, The New York Times, an American newspaper that has made a name for itself internationally due to its journalistic work. This information platform has the lowest follower Indian Email List count with an estimated 86.4 million followers, of which more than half are hosted on Twitter. Among the content published in its different profiles we can find news, although it also incorporates Indian Email List cookbooks, interviews, research, etc.

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