Claims fake news Among other things, Zenz has describd Disney as an. International corporation that has profitd in the shadow of concentration camps”. The World Uyghur Congress said in a post on Twitter. In the new Mulan, Disney thanks the public security bureau in. Turpan, which has been involvd in the internment camps in East Turkistan. Activist Shawn Zhang has also criticized the companywriting “how many. Thousands of Uyghurs were put in camps by the Turpan security bureau when Mulan was filmed there?” Zenz claims that the earliest records of Uyghur “re-ducation” work in Turpan date from August .

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In June he released a report that Buy email list revealed China has forced women. From the Uyghur community to be sterilized. Or implanted with contraceptive devices, a practice China denies. China has said it is fighting the “three evil forces” of separatism, terrorism and extremism in Xinjiang and has declared the camps to be voluntary anti-extremism training schools. In , the director of the movie Mulan, Niki Caro, posted some pictures on Instagram from the capital of Xinjiang. The team behind the film also told a magazine that they spent several months in Xinjiang to conduct research on filming locations.Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has also condemned Disney, saying moviegoers “are potentially complicit in the mass incarceration of Uyghurs.

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US-China disagreements over the Email Lead UyghursIn July of this year, the United States added Chinese companies to the blacklist of entities that abuse human rights in the province, Xinjiang. The US Department of Commerce has said that the blacklisted companies have forced Uyghurs and others to do various jobs. They include textile and technology companies, as well as two genetic testing firms used to oppress minority groups. Beijing actively promotes the reprehensible practice of forced labor and abusive DNA collection and analysis schemes to oppress its citizens.

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