Mexico city: the christmas season is officially. Coming to an end, but before the january rush begins, it is worth reviewing the consumption. Trends that occur during the end of the year since some of them favor 3 characters. Whose celebration takes place on january 6. Mexico city. The christmas season is officially coming to an end, but before. The january rush begins, it is worth reviewing the consumption trends that occur during the end. Of the year since some of them favor 3 characters whose celebration. Takes place on january 6. More related articles. Santa claus opened his advertising agency (and has lousy clients)5 commercials starring strangers santa claus.

University Asks Santa Claus for Help to Get New Recruits.

And it is that according to the global market research agency. Tns , 61 percent of children in each family consider that. The Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists three kings are the ones who bring them gifts during the christmas season. A fact that places them above santa claus and el niño dios. (with 53 and 30 percent respectively)-. This study reflects that for more than half of mexicans. The most important flow of money of the season occurs around the january party. With approximately $3,252 pesos being the average expenditure of a family for christmas. Gifts. The little ones at home.

The Tns Study Shows That During the New Year’s Eve Season.

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

The most consumed items are clothing, shoes and toys. Followed by sweets (chocolates and cookies). Perfumes and electronic items -about the latter. 4 out of 10 respondents claimed to acquire technology for the magi-. And although it is important to encourage. Financial spillovers during the season, sometimes the best gifts are priceless. To show this, the following ikea commercial that took advantage of the spirit of the season:image : shutterstock subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0from from madrid. To mexico city.

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