The last thing you want is your content to become outdated. You want to increase its value with time for both old and new readers. Also, you can re-promote your revamped content and drive more traffic back to your site. Here’s some data from updating and republishing old blog posts: monthly views For example, if you’re in the finance industry, you’ll find that some of the topics you covered the past are no longer valid. Rewriting and updating your content is a part of content optimization and can help you deliver consistent value without publishing new content. Regardless of the industry you are operating in, there will be changes happening that your audience needs to be aware of. Keep up with these trends and update your content to reflect them.

The meta description is what people read in the search engine result pages, right after they read the title. These little snippets are where you should embed your important keywords, since they get bolded when people search for them. meta description doing so not only makes your meta description more meaningful but also helps it stand out from the other search results. Which increases your click-through rate, an SEO factor that can give you better ranking. But did you know that by placing it in the beginning of the title you boost your chances of getting ranked higher? Also, make sure to practice brevity when writing your titles because longer titles tend to get cut off. Keep the title length between 30 to 60 characters. page title Meta Description.

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When you’re placing keywords on your site, do so naturally. Body Content: Including your significant keywords in the body text, particularly in the first paragraph can make a real difference to how you rank. But if you look around, you’ll find many forget to do this.backlinks Inbound Links: Keywords in anchor text allows you to Israel phone number   add more weight to your… …internal linking and gives better direction to the search engine spiders. So make sure to add inbound links from other relevant pages of your site to your primary page, using the relevant keywords in the anchor text. inbound links Image Optimization: Adding your important keywords to your images’ alt tags, file names, caption etc. is a part of… …content optimization because your images after all are a part of your site’s content.image alt title.

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Getting a low organic CTR can have a negative impact on your SEO efforts and affect. Your ROI. organic CTR But can you really improve your organic CTR? Of course you can. When PPC advertisers can spend time crafting the perfect ad copy to increase. Their CTR, why can’t you do the same with organic search? Here are 3 ways to do it: Try and experiment with your title and meta description in terms of length and keywords. Avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords. Give your reader a better experience by writing for them, and not solely for the search engines. Tip 2: Improve Organic CTR Ranking in the search engine result pages. For your choice of keywords is only one part of the equation. The other part is actually getting people to click on your search listing.

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Any reviews your product has can showcase here as a social proof. Which makes your site look different and may increase your Leverage Google’s featured snippets because more and more people are asking questions to Google, instead of a keyword query. If you’ve created content that answers a particular question then Google may use your content as an direct answer to it. It’s the first step you can take to improve your organic CTR. Also, don’t forget to test the call to action that appears in your description. Use structured markup (like reviews) to stand out from the other websites in the search engine result pages.

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