This will allow you to assign differentiated Suriname Email List budgets to each social network, because you may not want to spend the same on Facebook as on Instagram , in addition to moving your budget between sets depending on how the campaign is developed. You also have two locations that do NOT interest you: ads on Messenger and Audience Network (websites that give advertising space to Facebook to insert ads). Messenger does not interest you because it does not work and Audience Network will generate very low quality clicks (which you will pay the same). When allocating the budget between the two networks,

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keep in mind that the cost per click (CPC) of Instagram can easily double or triple that of Facebook . There is more competition and in the auction the click is more expensive. It depends on your budget, but I would deactivate any ad that has a CPC higher than € 0.15 on Facebook and € 0.30 on Instagram, in case of medium-high budgets, and € 0.10 on Facebook and € 0.15 on Instagram for low cost ads. Within Facebook, there are also locations that you should deactivate: Marketplace : do you want your products to appear on Facebook’s Wallapop? Almost certainly not. Facebook instant articles:

Suriname Email List

Although this is rarely used, advertising in someone else’s advertising that doesn’t have to have anything to do with yours (in contextual Facebook advertising well… already so) doesn’t seem like the best of ideas. 4. Set your ads right At the third level, that of creating the ads, keep in mind that Facebook is going to charge you the same for 1 ad as for 10. So why make a general ad when you can make several individual products or product families ? This allows you, when you monitor the campaign, to deactivate those that have the worst performance. 10 ads can be outrageous if you have a budget of 200 euros and highly recommended if you have 2,000.

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