The large number of small and medium-sized producers in the spanish agri. Food sector makes it very difficult for small-sized producers to deal in isolation with the oligopoly. That makes up the large distribution companies that operate in spain. Or that can easily reach both national delicatessen / gourmet stores. As international. Protected designations of origin (pdo) and protected geographical indications (pgi). Play a fundamental role in the marketing strategy of agri-food companies and help. The sector to differentiate its agri-food products from the aforementioned oligopoly by supporting marketing. Strategies and communication and the delimitation of a territorial area. That provides the products of a certain area with an.

Added Value in Order to Protect the Identity of These.

Quality products against fraudulent practices or against inferior quality food. In addition to fulfilling an important function as useful instruments for rural development. The Italy Business Fax List conservation of traditional farming methods and the maintenance. Of traditional agriculture, the delimitation of geographical zones. Allows the elaboration of indigenous products and the creation. Of products that can be clearly differentiated in the market.When the consumer decides to buy some tomatoes or pears. This differentiation strategy becomes more relevant in times of crisis where. The large distribution is basically focused on a low price strategy, leaving aside other elements that make up the concept of “Quality” for consumers.When the consumer decides to buy some tomatoes or pears.

Such as the Methods of Cultivation the Use of Pesticides.

Italy Business Fax List

The practice of sustainable agriculture, etc. When the consumer decides to buy some tomatoes or pears. He has to know the added value that means whether or not these products belong to a doanother important. Is to convert their stamps into a value for the consumer as a body that verifies food. Safety and the certification of production processes according to established standards. So that all agri-food products that belong to to a denomination of origin. Or geographical indication provides a plus of confidence and peace of mind for the consumer. Despite the importance of the role of and pgis. The truth is that much work remains to be done. As an example.When the consumer decides to buy some tomatoes or pears.

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