They then nurture them with relevant content. Simply Business uses email segmentation to make their emails most relevant to each business owner. By dividing the subscribers by their industry, it’s able to send messages that resonate with each target audience. Content Curation Before we discuss results, let’s briefly look at Simply Business’ interesting take on content curation. A business nurtures them into clients. Nurturing the Lead Simply Business can then switch to email marketing to nurture the lead. 86% of B2B buyers say they prefer to receive information in emails. The ROI on email marketing is 44:1. That’s the highest of any channel. But email marketing does require you to build an effective email list building as Simply Business did.

If they click “no” under the question, it shows them a list of curated resources on that topic. The resources are not on their website. But they open in a new window so the person doesn’t actually leave the website. The Results They have nearly 7,000 followers on LinkedIn and over 30,000 on Twitter with a high engagement rate. Their domain authority is 59 in the UK, which is also very high. Content curation usually refers to sharing curated content on social media. In this way, you supplement your own original content to increase engagement. That’s just what Simply Business is doing but in a different way. They’ve created simple expanding widgets like this one in their Facebook Guide for Small businesses. best content marketing examples It takes people through a series of questions.

He was a health-conscious professional himself

He didn’t have a huge marketing budget. Breaking into the food and beverage industry is brutal. They’re still working on it in the U.S. But the simple fact that they’ve expanded to the U.S. market shows they can offer us some of the best content marketing examples. 3. Good Greens — Networking At Its Best Good Greens was founded by an unlikely South korea phone number entrepreneur. He simply thought that meal-replacement bars tasted awful. He knew busy professionals need something nutritious to eat on the go. But for meal-replacement bars to be accepted as a real solution for busy professionals, they needed to taste good. He set out to create the perfect bar. But now what?

South Korea Phone Number List
South Korea Phone Number List

With homemade bars in hand, the founder of Good Greens began reaching out to an influencer who would give his bars a try. He started in Cincinnati working with local influencers. His bars quickly became the number one selling meal-replacement bars in the city. influencing content marketing He then set his sites wider, networking with bloggers and social media personalities around the country. Here’s how he built his brand anyway with one of the best content marketing examples. Influence-Outreach Good Greens actually has a very modest website. They focused instead on two things. Those are: Providing content to influencers An influencer is someone who’s influential among your target audience. They usually have a large following on social media.

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Their Instagram account includes a beautifully photographed product in everyday lifestyle settings. 4. Birchbox — Creating a New Category Birchbox has been another big, and not uncommon, winner. It’s all thanks to content marketing with some of the best content marketing examples to learn from. This subscription service delivers a personalized curation of best-selling beauty products. Adoring fans await their next shipment with anticipation each month. He leveraged their influence to drive customers back to his products, which he sells through Amazon. Focus on Visuals When we think of content marketing often blogs or video marketing come to mind. But content is content. Good Greens went the visual route. good content examples.

They didn’t do it without help though. So consider getting some help for your business too with our digital marketing services. Social Media Content A social media presence is essential to content marketing. Birchbox is now present on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. But they started smaller, building their brand one platform at a time. In this way, they could put an adequate focus on growing a brand in that social media community. They started in the uber-competitive New York City market. They’ve branched out to a nationally recognized brand in the fashion industry. Since its inception in 2010, it’s turned a $1.4 million capital investment into a $500 million valuation. They did it by consistently applying cost-effective content marketing strategies. These helped grow their brand. Any small business can follow its lead to get similar results.

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