They instantly get people invested in the content. best content marketing examples The site includes recipes (which are essential for a food brand). But it goes much further with… Stunning Visuals People eat with their eyes first. The website is beautiful. They took great care in photographing the meals. The recipes use some very basic, even boring ingredients. Yet they virtually jump off the screen. good content marketing example An Online Cooking School These videos take people through various culinary techniques they need to cook their own healthy meals. They branded themselves as an answer to: Morbid obesity Chronic illness Overburdened healthcare system Let’s look at how they did it. Their Website The Forks Over Knives puts content before promotion. In fact, at a glance, you don’t even realize they sell anything.

Over Knives until recently was a relatively small meal planning service. They focus on delivering customers delicious whole-food, plant-based recipes. They show them how to make them at home. Their goal is to demonstrate just how tasty and nutritious the vegan diet can be. Through it, they want to help people live healthier lives. That’s lives without chronic illnesses often related to a diet heavy on animal products and processed food. Let’s explore what they’re doing right. We’ll discuss how you can apply these same techniques to grow your business. Simply Business – A Broad Approach to Targeting Good Greens — Networking At Its Best Birchbox — Creating a New Category Coffeedesk — Focusing on People 1. Forks Over Knives — Content First Forks.

The company took a different approach

It includes people of all shapes and sizes, ages, races and walks of life, demonstrating that it’s for everyone who wants to be healthier. This kind of content shows people what goes into meals. They value them more. User-Generated Content User-generated content is a huge part of their content strategy. They have hundreds of full-page success stories from people who’ve switched to Algeria mobile number plant-based diets. A man named R. Hubbard says going plant-based changed his life. His page includes his full-page story, before and after, webcam video, and more. content marketing examples It’s very inspirational. He’s just one of many who share their stories on the website.

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Books Forks Over Knives has created a whole library of helpful eBooks, written by doctors and other experts. These are relevant and impactful topics for this target audience like this one. Influencing Marketing Forks Over Knives has additionally networked with some influential subject matter experts (doctors). In addition, they’ve garnered support from some names you may know like: Oprah Dr. Sanjay Gupta Roger Ebert Katy Perry The Movie Forks Over Knives even went as far as to produce a full-length documentary by the same name. Their Blog Further demonstrating why Forks Over Knives is one of the best content marketing examples we’ve seen. The posts are long-form (1,000+ words), original, timely and in-depth. It gets some very dedicated engagement for a blog. You’ll notice that the commenters are mostly new to Veganism. It demonstrates that they’re attracting the audience that they seek to attract. content marketing engagemente.

5 Best Content Marketing Examples to Inspire

Based on a PointVisible research, 60% of B2C marketers are consistently into content marketing. Also, CMI research showed that 72% of marketers can attest that content marketing increases engagement. And 72% of them stated that content marketing helped them increase their leads. But those who tout this impressive stat don’t always talk about practical solutions. How do you build and implement effective content marketing strategies to get this kind of ROI? These best content marketing examples provide that insight. If you’re interested in content marketing, you’ve heard this statistic. Content marketing generates 3X the leads for 67% less than traditional marketing. Here are some more interesting numbers about content marketing: According to Content Marketing Institute, almost 50% of all marketers say that they use the content as a way to reach their customers.

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