In my view, a successful NFT project starts with looking at your community. Looking at what’s going on and what people really care about. They start from the ground up, not from the top. If we look at the way organizations get in touch and stay in touch with their customers. You see that this is actually no longer about the organization itself, but really about the ideas, stories and shared passion(s) that bring people together. A good example of this is the ‘ DinnerDAO ‘. The community aspect and story is, in my opinion, just as important as the NFT itself. Recently I Sweden Phone Number heard the wonderful comparison of an NFT community with a mycelium.

Digital twins

The interconnected fungal network that forms  Sweden Phone Number a community, much like tree roots are interconnected. Also read: Web3: what will the internet of the future look like?  DAOs are also usually the technical foundation for NFT communities. A good example here is the DinnerDAO . You can join here by purchasing a particular NFT and then gain access to the community, where the restaurants are discussed for the next dinner party. Voting is decentralized via Snapshot and payments for food are automatically arranged via cryptocurrencies.

Sweden Phone Number

A busy life and yet further education? Which can!

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