That will not only feel spammy to people who are reading more than one blog. It will hurt your visibility in search engines. Originality and quality are important in blogging. 2. Keep Your Ears Open / Notepad in Hand Pull out your iPhone and start taking notes. Make note of the common questions you get from clients again and again. These are potential blog topics. The more of these you cover, the less often you’ll get the same questions. real estate faq More people will be engaging with your blog. Sometimes people are looking for slightly different things. But to be thorough, you say things you’ve already said in other posts. This is okay as long as it’s in the spirit of helping people. And the content should never be copy/paste.

Part of SEO is having content that answers queries/keywords that people type into… …search engines like “Does a New Roof Increase Home Value?”, “What is curb appeal?”. A keyword is actually a phrase of 3-6 words. Use keyword search tools like Moz Keyword Explorer. They’ll give you about 10 free keyword searches each month. Then they’ll ask that you pay to continue. If you’re working with a professional blogging service. Your blog becomes a complement to your amazing one-on-one service. 3. Visit Real Estate Forums Forums, where home buyers and sellers ask questions to experts, is another great place to find topics to write. If you see a great answer, then provide a more thorough answer in your blog. 4. Build Topics Around Search Queries SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to every successful blog.

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You know what problems they encounter since you obviously helped a lot of them in the past. So, start from there. Use your blog to provide solutions to buyer’s and seller’s most common problems when it comes to real estate. Then they’ll likely have unlimited access to this tool or a better one to help you get the best results with your blog. Learn some SEO writing best practices like putting your keyword and complimentary words throughout the article in a natural way. Put the Afghanistan phone number keyword in your title and at least one heading. You’ll also create an alternate title and description for your article. These will appear in the search results. Make them clickable and compelling. Use your keyword there as well. 5. Address Common Challenges You know very well what people go through when they are selling or buying a house.

Afghanistan Phone Number List
Afghanistan Phone Number List

Is there a local art festival this weekend? Write about it. Did a new trendy restaurant or yoga studio open up near a popular neighborhood? It’s time to check it out and share it with others. Consider your audience. Are they more interested in events like this? real estate audience This? real estate target audience Or this something else? How to Capture Leads with a Blog Now comes the fun part. Cover topics that solve challenges like, “Veteran home buying programs” “First-time Home-buying assistance” “How to sell a home fast” “Top staging mistakes” helpful real estate blog 6. Cover Local Events While most of your content should be timeless, writing about what’s new or interesting in your area is a great way to… …attract a local audience on social media and directly to your blog.

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Capturing a lead through a blog is more than just adding a “contact me for a consultation” at the end of the blog. That’s rarely effective. Instead, you need a clearly defined and trackable content marketing funnel. What is a Content Marketing Funnel? A content marketing funnel is a sales funnel that’s built around helpful content instead of the usual ad structure. The wide end (top) of the funnel starts in a place where a lot of potential clients “hang out”. You’re getting all of this traffic. But it’s important that you have some systems in place to capture a lead. Since they aren’t calling you, you don’t have their phone numbers. If they’re not yet ready to hire you then they won’t give you their email without something in return.

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