Gallegos United This campaign Benin Email List was deployed in the United States with the intention of connecting and taking the lead in the public conversation surrounding National Milk Day. To do this, got milk? , the California Dairy Manufacturers Association, partnered with advertising agency Gallegos United. As a result, an advertising Benin Email List campaign was launched dedicated to promoting greater positivist to Twitter users, associated with the brand and dairy products. For this, the brand focused on two aspects: nostalgia and personalized Benin Email List messages, or as they were presented in the campaign: Milk Grams. Benin Email List In this way, playing to present a tribute to the old delivery men, the association published through Twitter Ads images of milk bottles with positive messages, such as.

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“Be the reason someone smiles today.” Also, many other brands like Chips Ahoy! ,Benin Email List Cereal Society or even Oreo, joined the campaign thread generating fun interactions and boosting its impact. Figures such as Mario Lopez or BTS also participated in the course Benin Email List of the campaign, thus achieving greater visibility for it. As a result of all this effort, the campaign managed to generate an estimated 6.8 million impressions on tweets under Benin Email List the Nationalization hashtag . Likewise, 35% more positive sentiment was achieved about this day, compared to the previous year. Sirius Canada, [email protected], Media Experts y Conflict Sirius Benin Email List Canada is an audio entertainment company in the Canadian market.

Benin Email List

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In conjunction with its Benin Email List partner agencies, Society me, Media Experts and Conflict, the company launched a campaign promoting its free access streaming platform . For this, they used the trend takeover advertising format, with which the Sirius XM ads would appear along with the trends of that day on Twitter. Another noteworthy Benin Email List point of the campaign is its focus on making the stay at home more enjoyable , as it was launched during the 2020 mobility restrictions. Thus, under the slogan of “Take advantage of the home” and the narrative of Benin Email List the hashtag Quarantines , the company invited its audience to stay at home Benin Email List in compliance with security measures. While at the same time they took the opportunity to enjoy the free offer of their platform.

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