The leaders of the revolution in the advertising industry in the 1960s, and one of the founders of DDB, is considered to have introduced the concept of “duos” in agencies, bringing together for the first time a copywriter with an art director. The thought and convergence model proposed by DDB Latina, which combines creativity, strategic thinking and digital capabilities, just as brands need today to exert real influence in the lives of consumers, seeks to lead a power of Latin influence, of knowledge of markets and people, of creative and digital power, with a seal of flexibility, freshness, talent, speed and a single point of contact for the needs of clients in their expansion and development.

Digital poison into the heart of the agency, which has been progressively implemented in each of the offices in the Region, has already had great results, among which the success of DDB Brasil in Cannes stands out when it was chosen Agency of the Year. «Convergence is only real when it belongs to everyone, by everyone, in everyone and for everyone. When no one else knows what is digital or analog, it converged”, says Sergio Valente, President of DDB Brazil. But not only the offices of Brazil, Argentina and Spain, traditional award-winning countries, have shown what can be achieved with this new model, but also offices in smaller countries have jumped on this bandwagon, as is the recent case of Veritas DDB Ecuador that won the Integrated.

That each member can contribute

In addition to the US Hispanic market office, Alma DDB. Which received recognition from the entire DDB network by winning the 2009 Pinnacle for the best Usa phone number integrated case. “Beyond the specific roles, we believe. That the key to success is that each member can contribute their experience and vision in the communication process. Today integrality occurs in all areas, and just as we develop integral communications, we believe in the integral development of ideas with the different participants at the same table» observes. General Creative Director of DDB Argentina. This new structure that DDB Latina is creating will allow us to continue collaborating with clients in order to be leaders in the industry, leaders in market and people knowledge, with creative and digital power that goes beyond conventional parameters.

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In Spain we are already applying the model and the results are revolutionary. The makes an innovative service available to the client”, comments Angel Risk, President of DDB Madrid. “Just as changed. The course of modern advertising by bringing copy and art director together, DDB makes history. Again by bringing creative, planner and digital together. In conclusion, Always at the forefront» says Luis Miguel, President of Alma DDB In order to carry. Out this new model of influence, DDB Latina has generated many human and talent changes. In addition, Digitizing all its operations with interactive creatives and connoisseurs. In conclusion, Of the current world of communication, the power of the consumer and its co-creation in the ideas. Because the digital theme is not simply a unit, but a cultural theme internalized. The agencies of the network from the first meeting with a client.

The course of modern advertising

Bringing together creatives with planners and digital at the same table is not a choice, it is a necessity. For a campaign to end up being creative, it has to be born creative. We are living the ideal paradigm, we are creative planners, we are digital creatives and we are digital planners. The result is a fully consistent communication solution from start to finish”, concludes Walter Aregger, Co-President of DDB Mexico. The ultimate goal of this entire process is none other. In conclusion, Than to be able to deliver increasingly convergent and integrated business solutions to customers. And this is only the beginning. The CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Europe, Simon Francis, believes that agencies are the ones who pave the creative way for consumers to interact with brands.