So a change was made where the profile photo gained Togo Email List prominence and the font was more pleasing to the eye. Likewise, the News Feed is added so that the user can see the activity of their contacts directly in the profile. September 2006 is also a momentous date in the history of Facebook because the platform is finally going global and is open to everyone – specifically to those over 13 with an email address. A social network also for political movements The following year, Facebook continued to add features such as Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Application Developer , a service that allows developers to create their own apps and games integrated into the social network.

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And in 2008, Facebook surpassed MySpace as the most visited social network. On the other hand, at this time, Facebook is already starting to stand out as a very powerful tool when it comes to political movements . It can be seen with the 2008 US presidential election, when more than 1,000 groups were formed on the platform in support of the two candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain. History of Facebook: 2009, the year it became the most popular platform in the world Five years after its birth, on February 9, 2009 Facebook activates the iconic “like” button . Although that year will go down in the history of Facebook as the year in which the social network became the most popular platform in the world.

Togo Email List

with 350 million registered users and 132 million unique monthly users . If this were not enough, in 2010 Facebook is valued at more than 37,000 million euros, becoming the third largest web company in the US , only behind Google and Amazon. That’s when David Fincher’s popular movie “The Social Network” is also released, which tells the most turbulent details of the origin of Facebook. If you can not with the enemy … buy Instagram It is in 2011 when Facebook begins to give greater importance to images on the platform, including the cover photo in its interface . The timeline is also implemented to organize the posts in chronological order. This last feature did not like much to users as it brought out old publications and photos

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