According to andreas s. Weigend, business marketing in the coming years. Will help customers explore and discover for themselves. Inviting them to share their product experience. The marketing of the future will help customers make better decisions. According to the professor and consultant andreas s. Weigend, who has taken part in the cycle of conferences held by fundación. Telefónica on knowledge on the internet and entitled. “Social networks and new uses of information. Weigend has dedicated his professional efforts to studying. The data that people generate. He has been chief scientist at amazon.Com, where he specialized in understanding how users behave online. In order to build its customer-centric architecture and business model. In addition, he is a consultant for alibaba, best buy.

Lufthansa Myspace Thomsonreuters and Nokia.

According to the speaker, we are facing a social data revolution. In which mobile phones already “Know” more than users. People create data that, in turn, constitutes the “digital atmosphere”. A union of the Indian Business Fax List physical and the digital: everyone writes and publishes. But they still do not make the best decisions in their lives. In this atmosphere, we live with. The users with whom we sympathize, the friends who make up. Our “Real” online life on social networks; others who are in the same situation and the same context. And the experts, who write for important newspapers, offer informative. Shortcuts, knowledge, etc. The change of the internet: from customers to individuals. In this new digital environment, companies must aspire to the empowerment of their customers.

That Is to Aspire for These Customers to Be Individuals.

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In the purchase process. From the initial manufacture of independent computers, it passed in 1990. To the connection of web pages and in 2000 to the connection of people. Now, in the opinion of the expert, Know all the secret desires of their customers in order to anticipate and satisfy them. In short. we have to connect sensors with all the possible. Data that make it easier for the user to make decisions. These tools or sensors will have to capture the context and situation. Of the client and understand bidirectional interactions as a process. According to weigend, companies that sell products should. Know all the secret desires of their customers in order to anticipate and satisfy them. In short.

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