It is better to work harder to have a good number of ads Sudan Email List at the beginning and then close them according to how they work (and the sales they generate). In addition, it is normal to get surprises and that the product that you thought would be the best then turns out that it is not the one that gives you the best results. A few more tips for your Christmas campaigns on Facebook and Instagram In a telegram plan, some final ad configuration tips, that this is going to be longer than a speech by Kim Yong-Un: Use dynamic texts to have different text alternatives with the same image or video.

You have a very low CTR: ads are not attractive

Customize images and / or videos for the formats of publications and Stories / Reels (that is, in the case of video, you have to make two, one square and the other vertical) Videos triple the results , both in total clicks and CTR, of image ads. And they also give you the opportunity to put much more information in a video than in the very little text that you have available. If you are going to put text inserted in an image, that does not occupy more than 20% of the surface or Facebook will most likely throw it back. Don’t think they were born yesterday. Although you can put more, if you use ads with a sequence of images, do not put more than 3 , or they will not appear in Stories.

Sudan Email List

Also, soul of a pitcher, no one is going to swallow 7 images of your products in a row. Create URL attributes ( the famous UTMs ) that will later allow you to identify the traffic of each ad in Google Analytics, something really useful when you are analyzing the results. You have a tool to create them very easily in the ad configurator. Final lapidary phrase: A Christmas campaign on Facebook and Instagram Ads requires work to get every last penny out of it. As my grandmother used to say when someone was very tight: «that one makes 7 knots to a peseta». Well, tie your pennies short.

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