Here are the current options available: On FB: news feed, groups, right column, instant articles, in-stream videos. Of these, the newsfeed and the right column are the most useful places to display your ads. The rest offer less visibility and fewer opportunities for conversions. On Instagram: this website is owned by FB, which is why FB offers to advertise there. Ads can be placed there in newsfeeds or in Instagram Stories. Audience Network: this is FB’s network of obscure websites that you can advertise on. First of all, opt-out of automatic ad placements. B2B Facebook marketing You’ll reach fewer people this way, but the quality of your clicks will be better. And with Facebook advertising, quantity over quality isn’t better, since you’re paying for every single ad click! So, you’ll have to tell FB where to show ads.

Scheduling With ad scheduling, you could, for example, show conversion campaign ads to prospects while they’re in the mood to buy/convert. Or if you want to keep ad scheduling open, then this works best for lower value campaigns with offers that can be… …accepted at all hours (like free downloads). Ad Locations If you think of FB ads, then you first might think of ads that you see in your newsfeed. But there are far more options for ad placements. With this budget, FB will deploy your budget across your selected time period (for example 5-7 days) in a way that… …makes the most sense for your campaign. And you don’t need to worry about a lack of control – FB gives you plenty of control over the scheduling of ads during your selected time periods.

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As a bonus, for those who are already familiar with Google Ads, this type of budget will feel familiar already. The other kind of budget you can set is the lifetime budget. Instead, send them over to a proper landing page. B2B Facebook Ad Sets Now that you understand how the different B2B Facebook marketing ad campaigns are used. You’re now ready to move on to the next step of the process, which is Ad Sets. These are the Kuwait phone number levers with which you’ll control your ad campaign machines.B2B Facebook marketing. The Planning Phase Budgeting Here you have a couple of budgeting options to choose from: daily or lifetime budget. We recommend new businesses start by setting a daily budget. This allows you to experiment with ads without blowing through your budget.

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These ads are useful because you can use the information collected from prospects to create your own email list. Conversion Campaign These are like your sales pitch, your closers. Therefore, they’re usually expensive. So don’t waste your money; don’t send prospects to your homepage. Lead Generation When it comes to getting the most value for your money, nothing beats B2B lead generation ads. These let you collect prospects’ information right inside of Facebook, thus bypassing a potential stumbling block – your website. You see, on your website, prospects have to fill in all their information manually. But with FB lead gen ads, it only takes them a couple of clicks to sign up for your offer. Since their information is collected and pulled automatically from their FB page.

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This campaign is where you’ll begin to narrow down your target audience. You’ll want to focus on people who match your: specific product and service offerings target audience demographics specific industry profiles Traffic campaigns are very useful for generating remarketing prospect lists as well as lookalike audiences. Your target audience should be broad and made up of characteristics that they may possess. Pro tip: 8%-10% lookalike audiences based on previous/current customers works great in brand awareness campaigns. We’ll talk more about lookalike audiences at the end of the guide. Traffic There are two options for driving traffic: to your B2B Facebook marketing page or to your website. The more useful option of course is your website.

These campaigns, from top to bottom, from the beginning to the end of your Facebook B2B sales funnel. The other objective options are more suited towards either: larger businesses with big budgets and big content marketing output, or B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses. In this article, our focus will be on helping smaller B2B businesses. Brand Awareness The main goal of this campaign is to bring people to the top of your sales funnel. However, don’t be surprised if you get some immediate sales from it too! All objectives/campaigns are equally useful. Let’s go over the useful ones and the not so useful ones: facebook ad campaign objectives Objectives you’ll want to focus on are: Brand Awareness Traffic Lead Generation Conversions.

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