Vml, wpp’s global digital agency, began operating in mexico thanks. To the incorporation of crossmedia, a mexican agency with more than. Twelve years of history. To make the alliance. Official, jon cook, ceo of vml, visited mexico city. Mexico.- vml , wpp’s global digital. Agency, began operating in mexico thanks to the incorporation. Of crossmedia , a mexican agency with more than twelve years of history. To make the alliance official, jon cook, ceo of vml , visited mexico city. More related notes: 4 tips to choose the best designer for your agency. Or business the anatomy of an agency through 5 essential characters 5 characters. Who are the villains in advertising agencies the global agency.

Vol Announced the Incorporation of Two Operations.

Mexico city and buenos aires , through the Mexico B2B List acquisition of crossmedia, a digital. Agency that, like vml, belongs to wpp. Vml is headquartered. In kansas city , missouri, and has 26 offices around the world. Crossmedia was founded in 2003 and its clients include banamex, bimbo, ebay, lg , among others. In 2013 it was the “Digital. Agency of the year” of merca2.0. Visiting mexico city for the announcement. Of the start of vml operations in the country, the company’s global ceo, jon cook, said in an interview. That “We started as a small agency in kansas city, now we are a global digital. Agency but based in the heart of the united states.

When We Look for Companies to Acquire and Become.

Mexico B2B List

Part of vml, the first thing we pay attention to is their culture, even though. We are different people and act differently, that passion for marketing and connectivity”. Jon cook and javier dorrego, from vml. Jon cook and javier. Dorrego, from vml. Photo: julián c. Arnauda. Regarding the growth of vml, cook said that “ we have had a great expansion during. The last five years , as we grew beyond the united states we obtained a better perspective of the world. We realized that if we grew our perspective it would be better. It would be more global”. Regarding what they will offer to mexican brands and companies.

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