The gay kiss goes viral on social media shared on Facebook. Share on Linkedin Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest 05/05/2015 international. Digital marketing, media are written by the editorial table. International the kiss camera has already become a tradition in the world of sports. Which has become popular on social networks. This time a video shows two men kissing before the camera has gone around the digital. World by gathering, to date, more than 300 thousand views on youtube.

Dodgers Stadium the Author of the Images Writes in His Publication.

I loved that everyone applauded” and it is indeed in the 28th second. When the two men present in the audience kiss. A festive celebration is heard by the rest of the audience. Much higher compared to the rest of the Buy France WhatsApp Numbers couples who participated. In 2000, something similar had already happened when two women kissed at a game. Precisely from the dodgers. However, on that occasion the attendees were . Escorted out of the park by security elements. Without a doubt a great advance. Subscribe to the premium content of media. From Madrid to Mexico City, the most reliable source of global marketing strategies.

A Look at the Strategies of the Big Brands and Consumer Trends.

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Subscribe to merca2.0 I’m already a subscriber, take me to premium. Content editorial table merca2.0.Editorial table merca2.0 leading magazine for marketing, advertising and media. Information promoted content take a look at the. Top 14 bond cars brain berries most beloved first ladies of all time brain berries Tarantino wants to end .His career with this movie? Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing jobs in Mexico. Audiences are found in social networks and for companies. It is important to have their attention. Therefore, the development of campaigns and the study. Algorithms are essential for the success of products and services.

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