It’s the cost-effective and efficient way to get more traffic, capture more leads and turn leads into clients. Let’s take a look at how it’s done! When you put a clear system in place along with great content, your blog becomes a magnet for potential home buyers and sellers in your area. feel like if you just had the website traffic, you could convert visitors to clients. But the traffic’s not there. And maybe what little you are getting just doesn’t seem that interested. It sounds like you need to explore blogging for real estate.

How is that possible? Over 4 billion people are on the Internet globally. That’s over 40% of the world population. It’s possible because there are around 2 billion websites on the web. In order to get any traffic to a specific site, you need a strategy. Blogging for real estate is the first step in creating that strategy that will help you get more traffic. Here are just some of the great things you have to look forward to when you’re blogging for real estate. But if you created a new website without any kind of promotional strategy, you may have noticed something interesting. It gets no traffic.

Benefits of Blogging for Real Estate

More Visibility in Search Results with Blogging for Real Estate Blogging helps you get more traffic in two primary ways. First, a real estate blog focuses on topics that people are actually looking for. Websites that have blogs have 400X more pages showing up Azerbaijan mobile phone numbers in search results. People who are looking for these topics find your articles. Continue to consistently post fresh content on topics that your target is looking for, and you’ll see that visibility go up and up. The second is through social media. More Engagement on Social Media You probably have a Facebook page. But what are you sharing? It’s important to share pictures and videos of great homes and happy new homeowners. But people can only like so many pictures of happy new homeowners holding a new set of keys.

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Evergreen pieces like “how to stage your home” and “how to bid on your dream home” will be shareable again and again. You know what people need to know about these topics. Why not share your expertise with others? Shows Your Expertise through Blogging for Real Estate While there are strategies that a person can use to use create ads that people like, many people today are turning them out. You need more substance. Post a variety of engaging, helpful content that anyone who’s interesting in buying or selling a home in your area will find useful. This is the kind of content that people not only like but also share. They actually visit your website to view it. Blogging for real estate gives you an eventually endless supply of content to share.

Your Site with Blogging Estate

Instead of telling potential clients how great you are or how many homes you’ve sold, show them your process. Show them that you’re good at what you do. Show them exact steps you would help them take to get into the home of their dreams. real estate blogging Image courtesy of Neil Patel This establishes you as an expert in their minds. If you continue to deliver consistently helpful and relevant content, they will follow you. If your website just looks like one big ad, that will turn potential clients away fast. Blogging for real estate gives you the opportunity to take a different approach. Did you ever write a short story for high school English class? You may remember the teacher talking about “showing, not telling”. Ads tell. Blog posts show.

Generates Real Estate Leads Blogging generates 3X more leads than more traditional methods of marketing like local newspaper ads or billboards. And it costs a lot less. We’ll talk more about how to generate these leads below. Nurtures Leads Blogging for real estate is a hands-off and efficient way to nurture a lead. Needing to speak with someone. You are now top of mind when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. And if you sell commercial real estate, blogs are even more important. 59% of B2B marketers say blogging is the best way to reach business buyers.

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