They have dedicated an entire web page to customer experiences and testimonials. customer reviews content This is a nice human touch in an age where competition is fierce and the end user’s attention is constantly in a cluster. Content Marketing for Financial Advisors Done Right! To sum it up, content marketing for financial advisors doesn’t have to be hard. The principals that govern it are still the same as every other industry. This data without a doubt emphasizes the importance of testimonials and unbiased customer reviews for your business today. Get Exclusive Marketing Tips! Join over 50,000 marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers. Enter Your Email Address SIGN-UP Kabbage’s marketing team has definitely taken note of these studies and consumer behaviors. To show their dominance in the content marketing for financial advisors game.

Take a look at what they have done and think about how it can be applied to your brand. JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Interactive Maps All it took Chase was a few visuals and an interactive web page that displays a graph depending on the viewer’s location. content marketing for financial advisors It is important to understand that financial planning is still quite local at least for the average American. And also, it will definitely increase your search engine rankings and boost your organic visibility. A quick meeting with our content marketing team can very well solve your content problems. But to put things into perspective first, we decided to lay out a few examples of companies that… …understand the benefits of content marketing for financial advisors correctly.

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You want to make sure you are sharing this information in an exciting way. They like to engage in financial activities that are A) in their physical location B) understands… …the local market and is easily approachable without the tag of being a global multinational. This is why Chase’s idea to personalize their content based on the Egypt phone numbers user’s location is a great way to capture and keep customers/clients. Morgan Stanley’s effort to tease your curiosity Every financial advisor out there provides his piece about why their service helps their customers save money.

Egypt Phone Numbers
Egypt Phone Numbers

The biggest benefit here is being able to keep things fresh. Coming back to our point that your customers want something that is real-time and customized to their tastes. content morgan stanley The above image shows the homepage of Morgan Stanley’s ideal web page where investors can go to earn about various industries and get ideas about where they might like to invest their money next. You don’t want to provide the same saving and investment tips as the other guys. On the contrary, you want to create content that doesn’t always talk about your services but offers more. Share ideas about something that helps your customer’s everyday way of living. That is something that can certainly peak a user’s interest and form a likely relationship. This is exactly what Morgan Stanley has achieved with their ideas web page.

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The biggest thing to note here lies in their ability to identify what issues their customers might be facing in the real world and helping to solve just that. blog content Kabbage Stories In a research study by Harvard, researchers concluded that nearly 88% of online purchase decisions were influenced by online reviews. In a separate study, close to 94% of respondents said they looked for online reviews before making a purchase decision. A quick audit in our custom tool showed us they have a domain authority of 86 and monthly traffic in the range of 10 million. It is no surprise that NerdWallet is one of the top websites Americans frequent for financial tips. Everything from which credit cards give the best bonuses to which home loans have the lowest interest rates. And everything in between.

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