International.- another super bowl. The event gives for everything and especially. To show the creativity of the agencies that are lucky enough to access a virtual stage. With millions of people. The latest goal aimed at gamers is the new commercial for clash of clans. Revenge, in which the protagonist is none other than liam neeson. The ad has the actor positioned. In the role of his avenger, in an absolutely everyday situation that causes some laughter. And the desire to share the video. A smart idea that has caught my attention. Of more than 27 million people in 4 days. It could not be otherwise. More associated notes. Tribute to the simpsons in 8-bit is already viral days. After the super bowl.

A Brand Already Has an Ad for Next Year.

If you missed the super bowl, this agency presents you with a summary. In legowith a more than curious monologue, the actor shows his passion for the game in a store. While waiting for his “scone”. The Cyprus B2B List expression could not be more convincing. And is a reminder of his brilliant performances in some of his countless blockbusters. This is the text. “I don’t know you, bigbuffetboy85. He says, addressing a virtual player on his phone “but if you think you can humiliate. Me and take my gold, think again. Oh, I’m coming for you with a batch of barbarians and dragons. I cannot hope to destroy your people. While you beg me for mercy, but you will not have it. I will have my revenge.

Then the Manager Asks Who Is Liam Pronounced Liam Is Here.

Cyprus B2B List

The actor replies and then adds “it is, liam” , to continue threatening his opponent. “you’ll be sorry you ran into angryneeson52” and he hums away. Nothing to say, simple and great. Subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0 from madrid to mexico. City, the most reliable source of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the big brands and consumer trends. Subscribe to merca2.0 I’m already a subscriber, take me to premium.

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