Digital Marketing Manager at Internet Saudi Arabia Email List Vicente Bella To learn a little more about the work environment of a startup, we have spoken with Vicente Bela, Digital Marketing Manager at Internet. “ Working Saudi Arabia Email List in a startup is a great opportunity to help you grow Saudi Arabia Email List both personally and professionally. It allows you to evolve much faster since experience is acquired in much less time than in a traditional company, so you can scale more easily »he explains. « On the other hand, it is very important to have the ability to adapt since everything Saudi Arabia Email List goes very fast and you are constantly faced with changes . One of the most positive points is that you never stop learning since the teams are more united and the exchange of knowledge and experiences is constant.

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Which enriches you a lot and creates positive synergies ”he adds. Advantages of Saudi Arabia Email List working in a startup As for the startup world, Laura Gallop contributes that in this field you have more decision-making power, that you touch all areas of marketing, and that ” Saudi Arabia Email List you are often the CMO so you have to grow stronger by force .” On the other hand, it indicates that “they don’t usually have a lot of budget, Saudi Arabia Email List so you make the most of your creativity to carry out the actions .” Unlike in advertising agencies, ” you can dedicate all the time in the world to the same project Saudi Arabia Email List and give it a lot of love, ” he adds.

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Disadvantages As disadvantages Saudi Arabia Email List for the marketing employee in a startup, Laura tells us that ” usually you do not have a marketing team or it is small .” This downside leads us to the next one, because you don’t have a more senior marketer to learn from. On this, Laura added: “Although it is very good to develop your career Saudi Arabia Email List playing all the styles of marketing, ‘being a woman orchestra’ can be very exhausting . Saudi Arabia Email List Also, if you are responsible, you always have to take the Saudi Arabia Email List chestnuts out of the fire . ” Marta Vidal, E-trade Marketing and Druni Marta Vidal We continue with Marta Vidal, an employee at Dr uni.

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