have a closed budget in advance and obtain a more adjusted offer for your Christmas cards. You can always design it yourself and save yourself this step, at the end of this post .We will recommend some free programs that will be of great help to you. Decide who you are going to send the congratulations to .You can decide if you want to send the Christmas message to all the people in your address book or select the contacts. Remember that they will like to receive your dedicated congratulations and not a simple “Merry Christmas”. You can target all customers, your potential customers or customers who need more attention. This way you will create a more personalized message and it will be liked more. Sending the message will take


you very little time if you have a CRM in which you will only have to include the list of people .You want to send it to and of course the message, it is very simple. If your congratulations is by mail, we advise you to send it to your clients, workers and suppliers, however . If it is by traditional letter, send it to your trusted list, to those closest to you. 3. Personalization of the greeting To cause greater trust and closeness you must personalize your congratulations. An example widely used by companies is to include the client’s name in this type of congratulations. This is very successful because it creates a closer relationship between the company and the client. Since when you meet a person, the first thing you give is your name, .So if they name you, you know that it is someone who knows you.

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Choose the broadcast channel There are 3 very common Antarctica Email List channels that you can choose: the traditional one. By mail or by the RRSS. traditional christmas cards These types of cards take the cake .We always like to receive an original card that we can touch and see in person. These congratulations show an excellent treatment of the company towards . The person because they entail an obligatory time and money for their elaboration. Within this type of cards there are many possible designs: minimalist, original, with drawings, only with phrases,… Email Congratulations The congratulations by mail is an easy, economical way and offers a guarantee of immediate delivery. This way you can send it to all your customers. The downside to this type of congratulations is that your letter can be overwhelmed by a hundred more letters, and end up in spam.

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But there will be a lot of people watching it, so why not do it? Congratulations for the RRSS . We advise you to use this type of congratulations as a complement to any of the previous ones, since it is something more generic and your clients will not see it as something personalized. But it is good to congratulate the holidays through Social Networks with an image, a video, or a gif. It will always reach more people, and it is a way for potential customers to see you. 5.Write a personal text Many companies fall into the temptation of putting the easiest: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, if you want to stand out you must go further. As we have said before .Write your client’s name to make it something more personal, .Do not use endless phrases or sentences because they can be boring, thank them for

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their trust in your company and say goodbye by signing with . our name and then with that of the company (preferably your name by hand). 6. Decide the colors and typography It is very important that you think . About the aesthetics of the greeting. Christmas colors are important . But those of your company are also important, since it is the distinguishing factor, along with the typography. The colors red and green are the most used, followed by gold and silver. You can use these colors but if you want the letter to be more personalized, put your corporate colors. With typography you can explore more to make it original and fun. Putting different sizes or types of letters. 7.Launch special offers You can take advantage of the congratulations to your benefit, putting an incentive for them to consume in your company.

From adding a discount to selling an essential pack for this Christmas. 8. Add a wow factor A small gift, a detail, will be highly valued by your customers: a discount code, some tricks, tips for decorating the Christmas house or a decorated sheet that, if you print it and follow the steps indicated, will make a Santa Claus / a tree or the star for your tree. 9. Include Christmas elements in your card When designing the card, we cannot forget to include some Christmas element (without being excessive) so that our greeting is not bland and conveys the spirit of these dates and the happiness that accompanies it. 10. You can use free design programs There are many programs that will help you make your cards creatively and in the style you like best

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