A content marketing calendar is a tool to help you plan and execute your content marketing strategy in an efficient and timely manner. It is a calendar-based plan for your content that provides you a view of how your content will be laid out over a specified course of time. If you’re not using a content marketing calendar, you’re probably using an inefficient marketing strategy – if you even have a strategy at all. In this article, we will tell you how to create a content marketing calendar your audience will love, no matter what industry you’re in. After all, what they say is true: content is king! content marketing calendar Let’s start with the basics.

A quality content marketing calendar can help you get organized and generate results in your content marketing strategy. Weekly content marketing calendar Now that we have definitions squared away… Content marketing simply is not something you can take care of on an as-you-go basis. It’s best to organize your content in the form of a calendar rather than a disorganized to-do list. Think of it as a guide for what content you want to publish and in what order. Content, of course, includes anything from articles on your company website to social media posts. Whether you have a company blog or even just a relatively active social media presence.

What exactly is a content marketing calendar?

You start scrolling down your own Instagram newsfeed only to see all your friends sharing photos of their dogs with the hashtag National Dog Day. Using a calendar format also allows you to easily plan content around major holidays and on a consistent, timely basis. Plus, arranging your Spain phone number content on a consistent calendar format makes previously posted content easier to track and re-purpose if need be. Picture this: you own a pet store. it’s August 26th. Just another day, right? Maybe you’ll make a cute Instagram post about some guinea pigs you have on sale. Or maybe you’ll publish a blog post on your website teaching users how to take care of a goldfish.

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As your well-meaning fish care tips get drowned out by a sea of puppy pictures, you may find yourself wishing you had planned ahead. Now you have to scramble to create some canine content while your competitors are already racking up the retweets. Uh-oh! National Dog Day may not be a “real” holiday, and it may not be important to most people (unless you’re a dedicated dog owner, of course). However, as a pet store owner, you’ve now missed out on an amazing marketing opportunity.

Why do you need a content marketing calendar?

Ensure you aren’t missing anything important and have diversified your content themes to keep things interesting. National Chocolate Day anybody?  You may not have noticed you posted three blogs on how to secure a car loan in a row. But your loyal followers sure will, and it might tempt them to unsubscribe.

This will make cross-promotion a breeze! content marketing calendar types So now that you understand what a content marketing calendar is and why you need it, let’s keep diving. How far in advance should you be planning your content? In the world of content marketing, the longer you plan ahead the better. Generally speaking, of course. Keeping separate but related calendars for each type of marketing allows you to link all your content and keep consistent themes across all media.

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