In simplest terms, true content marketing is about providing. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How does one define content marketing strategy, what does it do, who is it for, and how do I use it?” Well, there’s one word that perfectly encompasses what content marketing is… any guesses It’s the backbone! Google defines a backbone as the chief support of a system or organization. When it comes to your content marketing plan – everything, and I mean is supported by content. This strategic marketing technique places emphasis on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. To better define content marketing, you can compare it to pitching your products or services. In doing content creation, you’re literally trying to convince potential customers that your brand is the best and… …that your products and services are right for them!

The answer to that is stories! It’s true. Truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and current customers that will help them solve their issues. To further define content marketing you can understand it as content that speaks to your… …prospective customer’s pain points, or problems, they may be experiencing. And it speaks to your “why” or your values. So rather than selling something right out of the gate, you’re enlisting in playing the slow game – much like an organic reach in social media marketing.  Your goal should be to create different types of content that create a conversation, which will eventually render sales down the road. The How and the Why You may be thinking, “Now that I can define content marketing. How do I maximize the benefits of content marketing for my company?” and “What is included in content marketing campaigns?”

Definition Content Marketing

A big part of content marketing includes telling stories. Can you think of a single person who doesn’t like to hear a good story? No! I’m sure you can’t.  That’s because stories are universal tools used in every area of life, especially marketing. So why stories? We, humans, are emotional creatures meaning we “feel” things. Storytelling allows you to establish and grow a Bosnia and herzegovina phone number connection with your customer base by appealing to them emotionally. Thus making the information easier to digest. With a properly crafted narrative, you can evoke happiness, hopefulness, and urgency with one single message. And, with the rapid growth of all things digital, it’s imperative you understand how to translate your company’s story. Your products, and your services on various online platforms without being salesy at face value. This is so much different from the traditional marketing methods.

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Now, digital storytelling requires a different perspective and a revised set of best practices because of all the “noise” present on online mediums. You may be asking yourself, “What noise?” Well, imagine you’re scrolling through your Facebook page — what do you see? Now your answer to this question places you in one of two categories: ad blindness or ad overload. Ad blindness takes place when you view your Facebook feed and intentionally or unintentionally don’t notice the ads. Digital marketing, content marketing in particular, focuses on providing great user experience to your target audience. So tell, don’t sell. Robert McKee of the Story Seminar once said, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” This idea has been proven as fact, time and time again, just think about the power of narrative in the news, in marketing, and all around you.

What Is Marketing in Words?

Take a look at this infographic. Although it only accounts for years 1996-2010. We know this number has only continued to rise – just think about how dynamically your Facebook feed has changed over the last 5 years! This is why knowing how to properly define content marketing is so imperative. I’ll stop scrolling my feed for a quick recipe or life hack video over a generic post. So how do you stand out amidst all the stories being told online every day? Follow these pro tips. You may or may not recognize that they’re there, but either way, you nonchalantly scroll over them. Ad overload exists when you see all the ads present and feel “overloaded” by their excessive presence on your feed. Digital Advertising Photo courtesy of Top Rank Marketing.

That’s a good story, isn’t it? And it’s connected to a purpose bigger than athletic wear.Content Marketing Strategy Build A Curiosity Gap – In content marketing, we often try to create content that’s bite-sized to combat with consumers’ short attention spans. But maybe we’ve got it all wrong… It comes down to that age-old saying, “People make time for what and who they want to make time for”. Every Story Isn’t A Good Story – Make sure your story connects to something that’s bigger than yourself. Simply put, you should bridge the gap for your target audience. Know what their needs are, and tell them how you can fill it. I’m sure you’ve seen the very controversial Colin Kaepernick Nike campaign, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”.

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