Also read Instagram tips for more (or less) life in Austria WhatsApp Number List the brewery. Format Text Did you know that there are a few ways to format your text? This has been possible since 2016 , but remains a nice tip Put your text between Austria WhatsApp Number List asterisks if you want it to be bold, between ~these wavy stripes~ if you want to strike out your text and _ between underscores _ if you want to use italics.

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Set Chat to Unread Just like you can set an Austria WhatsApp Number List email to unread in your mailbox, you can also set a WhatsApp conversation to unread. If you swipe the person or group to the right in the chat overview, the option will appear. Pin Chat In the same place you will find the option ‘Pin’. If you find it annoying that important people Austria WhatsApp Number List or groups disappear down when you get a lot of apps, you can also pin a person or group. That way, this chat will always be at the top of your list.

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Use the search function Can’t remember the Austria WhatsApp Number List address of that friend where you’re having dinner tonight? Chances are the address has already been shared in an app group. Then use the search function! For example, search Austria WhatsApp Number List for ‘address’ (because usually someone asks: ‘what is your address?’). And of course this also works with other data. You can search in all chats at once, as well as in a specific conversation.


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