so we are making progress with Azerbaijan Email List the parts that are, then we will continue with the rest with the July update. 2021. Most sites will not notice any of these updates, as is typical with Core Updates. 2021 Azerbaijan Email List represented a busy summer for SEO experts In reality, last summer Google launched a whirlwind of algorithmic changes of varying depth, which included an update dedicated to fighting web spam and another much more relevant to the eCommerce sector such as the Page Experience Update , which was launched on June 15 and that ended Azerbaijan Email List the month of August. Thanks to this update, the Core Web Azerbaijan Email List Vitals were taken into account along with the rest of the elements in the search ranking of the internet giant.

What should you do if the core update hits your website?

which made them an Azerbaijan Email List essential part of any SEO strategy. Google’s Page Experience Update begins to roll out: it will work 100% from the end of August In any case, although Google has been making other types of updates to its algorithm (as in the case of the Product reviews update last April, focused on enhancing Azerbaijan Email List the visibility of quality reviews), it had not been produced for a long time. one of these great updates, which often make SEO specialists tremble due to its ability to significantly alter the visibility of some domains. Azerbaijan Email List Impact of the summer core updates in Spain Once Azerbaijan Email List the July core update was concluded, the SEO consultancy Memcached.

Azerbaijan Email List

The intention behind these updates is to show the most relevant content for user searches

The internet giant’s previous Azerbaijan Email List algorithm update. E Commerce and Marketplaces sector The big winner in the summer core update was Aliexpress, with a 149.47% gain in its visibility. Well below this average Azerbaijan Email List and in second place we find Casa led Libros, with a gain of 23.98%, and in third place Etsy, with 14.34%. Travel, flights and hotels sector The travel sector was one of the major affected after this core update, since Traveler Mouse TripAdvisor and Last minute have resulted in visibility losses Considerable compared to the winners Natalia vitiates Azerbaijan Email List (17.87%), Travelogue (11.52%) and B, the travel brand Azerbaijan Email List (19.05%). Marketing media sector The marketing media also saw a variation in their visibility,

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