Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has wanted to respond to criticism (in an interview with the fast company). And resolve doubts about one of the most anticipated products since the iPad. The truth is that the watch reaches a sector that is not easy at all. In which competitiveness is maximum since its main competitors already have one or several generations of smartwatches that. Even, no longer depend on the smartphone to do the same as the Apple device. But, despite this, Tim cook thinks that his watch is going to be a success and that criticism. Of this new product is normal, since this is something. That has already happened with the iPhone and the ipod. Products that have since been very appreciated by consumers.

Likewise the Cook Has Ensured That We Were Not.

The first with the mp3 player either; we weren’t the first with the tablet. And we weren’t the first with the smartphone either. But we certainly had the first modern smartphone. And we will have the Buy Portugal WhatsApp Numbers first worthwhile modern smartwatch.” there has been a lot of work process behind the apple watch and that is why. So that everyone understands what is behind the smart watch. He wanted to make it clear that “You look at the watch and the main technologies are software and the interface of user. You’re working with a small screen. So you have to invent new ways of inpu most of the.

Companies That Have Made Smartwatches Haven’t.

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Thought about it, and they still use ideas like zooming. And other gestures that we created for the iphone. Thus, we realized that it did not work and we had to come up with new ideas. Seeking to make the screen appear larger than it really is”. The expectation before this new apple launch is maximum and many are already counting. The days until april 24 arrives, the date on which those from cupertino. Will put their watch on sale in nine countries: australia, canada, china , france, germany, hong kong, japan. The united kingdom and the united states. Prices will range from $349 for the most basic design to $10,000 for the most exclusive.

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