Targeting Facebook will stop targeting people Senegal WhatsApp Number List under the age of 18 based on interests or an activity. Advertisers can target only these ages (under 18) based on age, gender, and location. Facebook states that children under 18 cannot make decisions about advertisements they see. Also vacancies can no longer be used together with targeting interests.

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What does this mean for companies eager Senegal WhatsApp Number List to reach people under the age of 18? Specific targeting was often a good path to success. So we need to pay extra attention to finding other ways to continue targeting specifically, for example: Using old data from, for example, previous campaigns or CRM data (address, zip codes and interests).

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You can then add these customer lists as target groups, which you can turn into look-a-like target groups. Include the use of interests, behavior and demographic elements in the advertisements. Naming these characteristics in the ad copy or video/visual so that the target group recognizes itself in the ad. Link ads to landing pages with specific content and provide further explanations to the targeted audience on a specific landing page.


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