but who have the same creativity as an eggplant Taiwan Email List Churriguera. No, advertising itself is useless if the image / video / text of your ad is not of sufficient quality. As you go with the usual common places in the text, such as “the widest variety of products” or “the best prices”, you will get cobwebs looking at the screen waiting for the sales to arrive. That you know that the photos taken with fluorescent light are THE BAD photo done. As I already mentioned in a previous post, everything you can count on with a video (fairly well done), don’t count on images and text. And for what you want more, advertise specific things and adapted to the target.

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do not pretend to advertise everything you have in a campaign. We are going to be super professional in the photo. -You have the tablet turned off, Mariano. 5. Are you gambling everything on one card? I assume, but just in case I put it here, that you are clear that a campaign must consist of several ads grouped according to the target they are directed to or what interests you at that moment. A campaign with 5 ads will cost you the same as one with only one, but the possibilities you have to compare what type of ad and / or what product works best are infinitely greater.

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You are receiving very low quality clicks Keep in mind that the large online advertising platforms will inform you of the number of clicks, but not their quality. For them, a click is a click and the consequences that it generates or not are up to you. But a click with a dwell time of 3 seconds is, for all intents and purposes, money wasted. That’s what Google Analytics or other similar tools are for: to find out what is the dwell time and the bounce rate of the clicks that come from the campaign. If the first one is very low (less than 45 seconds on average) or the bounce rate is very high (greater than 65%),

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