The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation has awarded Rosa Gómez-Acebo (communication consultants) the design and execution of a national advertising. They have worked on this project by Diluvia, Miguel Jiménez and Raquel Córcoles, as editors, Sergio Gabaldón and Vicente Albert, as art directors, and Hernán Goñi together with Andrés Linares as creative directors. And on behalf of Microsoft, Alejandro Camino, Marketing Director, Hugo Velasco, Product Manager, and Lidia Pitzalis, PR Manager.

RGA has created the image and the slogan, has produced several radio spots and an audiovisual «clip». In addition, several Internet marketing initiatives have been launched. Marketing campaign for Science Week 2009, which is celebrated from November 9 to 22; after calling and holding a public tender in which several agencies participated.

Which agencies participated

The FECYT’s strategic objectives are to contribute to the orientation of policies. For scientific and technological progress of excellence, to contribute to the improvement. The main objectives of the campaign designed by rosa gómez-acebo (communication consultants) have focused on raising social awareness regarding the importance of technological and scientific development for the development of society, fostering the curiosity of young people, and attracting the interest and participation of private companies Denmark phone number in future editions of the event. Science Week is one of the most important scientific outreach events at European level. Specifically, at a national level, the celebration of Science Week aims to promote scientific culture and raise awareness in society towards scientific research activities, publicizing the activities carried out by researchers and the public policies developed by effect.

Denmark phone number

Media for IKEA Ibérica, YMEDIA has been the selected company. It is a common practice of the company. Both in Spain and internationally to carry out, periodically, a review of its strategic partners. Marketing communication. “The goal is to establish long-term links with our suppliers in all areas, without undermining. Effectiveness and efficiency,” explains David Martín, External Communication Manager at IKEA Ibérica. The new agency will start working for IKEA in early 2010. The articulation of the Spanish system of science and technology, and finally to promote the dissemination and dissemination of scientific knowledge, making Participate society in the results of R&D and innovation. IKEA, a Swedish company that is a world leader in the sale of furniture and decoration accessories. For the home, announces that, after an agency selection process for the management of advertising.

Without effectiveness efficiency

In conclusion, The big loser of this allocation has been the JWT network. Of the WPP group, which worked for Kellogg’s in 21 countries. Including Spain, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. JWT services the markets of the Asia-Pacific area. Kellogg’s has also announced that from now on it will carry out its market studies. With TNS and Millward Brown , both belonging to the WPP group. In conclusion, The Leo Burnett network will bring Kellogg’s creativity to Europe, North America and Latin America. Kellogg’s Co. has reduced the number of agencies it works with to increase the effectiveness of its advertising spend. It is estimated that the advertising budget of this food giant amounts to 1,000 million dollars.

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