The four-day working week for a full-time fee. A lot of ink has already been spilled on the concept. Some are firmly in favor, others frown upon hearing about it. Proponents of the four-day work system support their position from a few studies that show that employees under a four-day work regime: be more productive, take sick leave less often, and feel happier. They also start from some logical reasoning about the 4-day work rhythm: “We used to work on Saturdays, didn’t we?” and, “It is not surprising that we have to work less, when everything becomes France Phone Number more and more automated?”. There is also a group that is skeptical about the four-day working week. According to them, data from studies by the proponent should be taken with a grain of salt.

How do you manage all your to do’s?

A four-day work week also comes with a lot of disadvantages : The customer receives a poorer service, the false expectations sometimes break down (you still work 40 hours a week), and it does not fit into every business model. And also: “You can’t get the same amount of work done with one day less, do you? Then you simply did not work efficiently France Phone Number enough in the past!” You see: lots of pros and cons. That’s probably why you opened this article: who’s right? We decided to put it to the test ourselves. We set up an experiment in which a few colleagues test a four-day working week. For three months they learned the ins and outs of this work regime.

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Curious about what we have learned? How France Phone Number do you manage all your to do’s? In a 4-day work week you have to tick off all your to do’s in one day less. According to our colleagues, it works. Although you have to set yourself up as an employee differently than before… Full focus mode, 100% of the time Our colleagues indicated that the need for the day gnawed at their sense of calm. There was not much time left for a nice coffee chat, a long lunch break or mindlessly scrolling on HLN. A constant race to complete tasks was the bitter reality. It even went so far that some colleagues turned off all noise in order to work as efficiently as possible. Before that, they only turned on their phone a few moments a day, worked longer on their four available working days (sometimes even until 11 p.m.), and took shorter breaks. Everything to not have to work on that day off.

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