Aegis Deputy Chairman and CEO, John Napier, commented during an investor conference in Barcelona that speculation about the possible merger of Aegis and Havas is baseless. The largest shareholder of Aegis is Vincent Bolloré, who is at the same time the largest shareholder and president of Havas. Cato Partners Europe, a company specialized. A renewal of the corporate identity of the Carbonell olive line for the United States and part of Latin America. The group highlights the growing savings it is making with the cost-cutting program it began in March. In addition, in this year, Aegis has obtained new business for more than 2,500 million euros, thanks to the new accounts of Kellogg’s, Beiersdorf, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale and Nokia. In the same period of 2008, the new business accounted for more than 1,000 million euros.

This work is part of a global project that SOS Corporacion Alimentaria has launched in different countries together with Cato Partners Europe, such as the most recent case of the Netherlands, a market in which Carbonell olives have a prominent presence. In addition, this redesign will be applied to the olive containers that are distributed. The main countries where the brand has a presence, such as Brazil, Australia, Mexico and Russia, among many others. With the aim of offering a renovated and in line with the brand’s business plan. Cato Partners Europe will be responsible for enhancing the image that the brand has, in order to adapt it to the local characteristics of these countries, which show a growing interest in the consumption of this food and has become one of the markets with the greatest projection of growth for the entire Carbonell range.

Worked for leading companies such

The company has extensive experience in developing naming, packaging and corporate. Identity projects for the food sector and has worked. For leading companies such as Kraft, Nestlé, Osborne, Danone, Cuétara, Foster’s and Unilever, among Brazil phone number others. Since its origins in 1970, Cato Partners has grown through the management and design of corporate identity in all business sectors, with a presence on four continents and more than 40 countries, and clients such as Qantas Lineas Aereas, BenQ, American Express, E&J Gallo wines, the Dubai government, ING Real Este or Neinver. Grandvalira has assigned Gray its new website, after a contest in which several agencies have participated.

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Search and reservation of accommodation with information on the different products , services and promotions. Also includes the possibility of planning the skiers’ day at Grandvalira. With various leisure possibilities according to their hobbies and characteristics. In a second phase, a new community section is planned. With videos, photos, podcasts, provided by the users themselves. In the project, led by Alfonso Aznar, Xavi Fisa, Silvia Solano and Belén Ibáñez participate in accounts. The new corporate website, one of Grandvalira’s strategic elements for 2009. Contains real-time information on the weather. The state of the snow with webcams installed at strategic points in the facilities.

The snow with webcams installed

The Andorra of great experiences. Microsoft has entrusted Diluvia with the launch of Lips Canta in Spanish. The exclusive music video game for Xbox 360, which was launched. In 2008 to great critical and sales success. Now returns with a selection of 40 hits from the most famous groups and soloists from Spain and Latin America. Oscar López and Raquel Jiménez are responsible for G2i. Gray started working for Granvalira in October 2008, she is the author of Granvalira’s winter 2008 campaign. The agency created a new positioning, which came to light under the concept of «Grandvalira.

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