This is especially useful for mistakes. For example, if you send Bahrain WhatsApp Number List a message to the wrong person. But why can’t we delete older messages anymore? WhatsApp has apparently also asked itself that question, because they are (probably) working on an extension of the delete option. So you can also delete older messages. Very nice if Bahrain WhatsApp Number List you have sent an embarrassing message, or shared personal information that you would rather not leave in the chat.

Itself As Male Or Female

Create stickers in the app Do you ever make stickers Bahrain WhatsApp Number List to send via chat conversations? Then you do that via an external app, outside of WhatsApp. That is quite cumbersome. That is why it is handy that WhatsApp is working on a function within the app that makes it possible to make stickers. Saves time and hassle. A group Bahrain WhatsApp Number List within a group When I read that WhatsApp is working on a ‘groups within groups’ feature I thought ‘oh no, not even more groups!’

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

Take The Broadcasting Messages

But actually, this is a really handy Bahrain WhatsApp Number List feature. Imagine you’re in a group chat and it’s someone’s birthday. Then you can create a group conversation in that app group, without the party bunny. So you can secretly discuss gifts. Or, for example, if you have a large group from a sports association. Then you can create a separate group in the group for the board, so that you can consult there before you throw a new announcement in the entire group.


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