Most real estate agents we talk to say they’re not choosy. They’ll work in urban and rural areas. Luxury sky rise or studio. They’re willing to work with house flippers or older couples looking for a home they can retire in. A client is a client. But here’s the thing about blogging for real estate. You can establish yourself as an authority in whatever real estate niche you love. You probably wouldn’t turn work down. And you should be careful not to be too niche is if the demand isn’t there. Your blogging for business should be attracting people who are most likely to become clients. Consider your niche in real estate. Do you cater to high-end buyers or starter home seekers? Are you selling condos in the heart of downtown or on the outskirts of the city?

Really think about who you want to target. Build your blog around them. And work out from there as needed. 2. Capture the Lead Now that you have your traffic, it’s time to capture more leads as promised. There are several very effective ways to do this in real estate. The Real Estate Calculator Hire a web design company that can create a basic but very useful real estate calculator. In exchange for using the calculator, ask for an email. But if you can work on the types of sales you are most passionate about, you’ll get better results for clients. You’ll be happier in your profession. And you’ll get more great reviews. You’ll establish yourself as the agent or company to work within that particular area of real estate.

How to Choose Topics for Your Blog

How much X home improvement may increase home value in X neighborhood How much utilities cost for X people in a home of X square feet in X neighborhood Turkey phone number Max mortgage payment a person can afford mortgage calculatorKeep the calculator as simple as possible to avoid a high price tag. But try to create a calculator that’s not easy to find on NerdWallet or other popular financial sites. The Helpful eBook You’re busy. So you may want to hire a digital marketing company to write this. Build a book around a compelling topic. Create at least one book for buyers and one for sellers. This calculator could take the data provided to calculate: Mortgage payment Closing fee estimates How much it costs the seller to keep a home on the market for 30, 60, 90 days.

Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

How to Sell Your Home Fast Without Giving it Away 25+ Thousand Dollar Mistakes Sellers Make (but you don’t have to) For buyers consider: 25+ Thousand Dollar Mistakes Buyers Make (but you don’t have to) 25+ Clever Ways to Win the Bid Without Breaking the Bank For flippers: 50 Low-Cost Improvements That Can Triple Your Sale Price These 25 Warnings Say “Skip This Flip” Make it compelling. And you may choose to do more for segments within these groups once you see how well this works. Really think about what a person who’s serious won’t be able to resist. An eBook for these purposes is typically about 10K words. That’s roughly 30-40 pages if you think of a print book. For sellers consider topics like: 50+ Surefire Ways to Get the Most for Your House.

Realize There Will Be Some Overlap

You can run a campaign for a seasonal event or tickets that someone can use at any time. Consider hiring some of the best social media marketing agencies to help you do this. Gift certificate for a local restaurant In most cases, the prize doesn’t have to be huge to get people excited. If it gets little attention, consider upping the stakes to $500. Remember, you’re only giving away 1 prize. Capture more leads through blogging for real estate. Offer a Chance to Win People love contests. In addition to your blog, share your contest on social media. Your prize should be something of unique value to your target audience. How about a: $100 gift certificate to a local home improvement store Tickets to a local event.

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