He new rules against Covid Also, with the decline of the economy. There is a risk that the school budget will also decrease. The world closed schools to stop the spread of the coronavirus and lower the spread curve. In most countries, they were closed for consecutive weeks, or for a third of the year. Andrea Agnelli, the senior manager of Juventus and ECA (European Club Association), has opened the last assembly, taking stock of the consequences of the pandemic in football. “The loss is huge and % of it is for the clubs, most of which will go through a crisis. “Football has done a lot, but now a deep analysis is needed”, – said the Italian leader first.

Awaits The World Of Footbal

The figures speak of a drastic drop mobile number list in income, billion for the next years. According to FIFA, % of this loss will go to the clubs. So, less money will circulate and there will be a dramatic decline. a financial crisis for many clubs”, added Agnelli in his capacity as ECA president. He has sounded the alarm about what l. READ: Cristiano Ronaldo enters history, becomes the first billionaire footballer”We are satisfied with the fact that we finished the championships. The start of the new season will be difficult, on and off the field.

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If We See What We Have

This pandemic and this crisis Email Lead have clearly shown us the problems at the economic level. For this reason, we are analyzing some macroeconomic topics to help the clubs that have had the most losses. It will be a challenge and we have to change the way we operate.  endured in the last months, the lives lost during the pandemic, we will really understand what happened. I want to thank all those who helped to resume the championships, UEFA and all the people who made it possible to close the season. The postponement of the brave decision and for this.

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