The result is that the consumer can no longer Switzerland WhatsApp Number List separate from the owner of his data. That his (obsolete?) data can continue to be use for life. It will also be difficult for him to free himself from that provider. In his online activities, he can continue to be “harass” by messages in various ways base on that available data. Moreover, also be offer purely selective information.

Of Their Own Data

Consumers are increasingly in danger of  Switzerland WhatsApp Number List being force to depend on the information that they are offered. His view of the world can be very limit and distort as a result. Online marketing can go too far There is a good chance that online marketing will go too far. This danger arises because implicit assumptions based on profiles can lead to manipulation, whether intentional or not.

Switzerland WhatsApp Number List

Online Become Victims

Consumers can lose sight of Switzerland WhatsApp Number List the “world” (the rest of the offer). This trend can be exacerbat by the increasing influence of content marketing. Unfortunately, this raises the important question of which approach will win: consumer free will or bubble compulsion? Time will tell and much will depend on consumer awareness and a different view of privacy by governments.


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