If you’re not the cheapest, you have to have the best story. Let yourself be inspired by Moyee Coffee. This company wants to change the production and trade of coffee beans and takes their customer along with it. How? Among other things, by sending Russia Phone Number their story with every order. Fairchain principle of Moyee Coffee Source: Moyeecoffee Tip 3: Create that gun factor Just like between people, the goodwill factor is also important for brands. After all, consumers are more likely to buy a product from a company that they find reliable and Russia Phone Number  sympathetic.

Create that gun factor

The price tag is then less important. So as a brand you Russia Phone Number want to get that gun factor. Once you’ve presented your story well, it’s time to build a relationship with your customers. For example, send regular newsletters, give your customer something extra, regularly show the people behind the company and ensure that you have good customer service that can assist your customers well. Everything for the gun factor! Once you have gained trust, you will find that a consumer returns . In fact, he recruits new customers based on Russia Phone Number his enthusiasm for your product! It gives a safe feeling to buy something that other people are enthusiastic about.

Russia Phone Number

Plus: people have the need to belong. As Russia Phone Number  a marketer you can respond to this by building a community . This way you offer your ambassadors a platform to share their positive experiences. In addition, you can confirm to people in the community that they have made the right choice with your sustainable products. For example, after the purchase you can emphasize again what a great contribution your customer has made by buying this product.

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