Instagram tools are features of Instagram that help make social media marketing easier, such as from content creation, implementation of promotions, to data analysis.

So what are the Instagram tools that can be used? Here are the recommendations:

1. Instagram Tools for Design

There are several reference tools that can be used for design needs such as:

VSCO: Instagram tools that have a feature to change photos from cellphone cameras
Snapseed: Instagram tools that offer free and quite complete editing features
Canva: an editing application that provides more than 8,000 free templates that can be edited or designed as needed
2. Instagram Tools for Videos
Boomerang from Instagram: an application made by Instagram that can make short videos over and over again
Life Lapse: an application that can make videos for a longer duration
HypeType: Instagram tools that provide a large collection of animations and fonts.
3. Instagram Tools for Marketing
Repost for Instagram: an application from Android that can be used to select photos from followers and provide sources when posting
AutoHash: an application that uses AI to recognize objects in the image and provide a hashtag reference for that object.
4. Instagram Tools for Scheduling
Sked: Instagram tools that can schedule and are provided with various photo editing features.
Later: Instagram tools that besides Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists being able to manage scheduling can also do hashtag and regram research.
Hootsuite: Instagram tools that make it easy for you to schedule posts on Instagram from afar.

5. Instagram Tools for Data Analysis and Monitoring

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Instagram Insight: a free Instagram tool that can be used to analyze and monitor data.
Sprout Social: this Instagram tool,

apart from offering data analysis, can also schedule content releases.
Iconosquare: Instagram tools that can schedule content,

monitor topics that are hotly discussed by netizens, and analyze the performance of your Instagram business.
Use Instagram Ads
Your social media marketing strategy will feel even more optimal if you also take advantage of Instagram ads. Even though Instagram ads are paid,

this method can make it easier for you to reach new markets, add followers so that you can bring in sales conversions.

How to make Instagram ads is actually already one with Facebook ads, so if you also want to create Instagram ads, you can go to the Facebook Ads Manager then you can choose the media for placing Instagram ads or you can also add Facebook ads if you want to reach the market. on facebook ads.

For how to do Instagram ads, you can follow these steps:

1. Open facebook ads manager

2. Click the create ad button

3. Define your advertising goals

4. Select the ad type

5. Specify the name of the ad and select the purpose of the ad, namely traffic

6. Determine the target audience

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